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Kessil A150W Special Blend LED Aquarium Light Product Demo

Kessil is dramatically changing the way LED technology is being used in the aquarium industry. Using Dense Matrix LED technology, the intense point source focused lens of the Kessil A150W is designed to use light efficiently and effectively. If you have a frameless/rimless aquarium and don’t want to suspend the light with a hanging kit, you […]

Ecoxotic PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamp Product Demo

Ecoxotic PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamps feature high-power Cree LEDs with focused lenses that allow light to penetrate deeper into your tank to produce stunning color and shimmer effects. Now you can deliver light into your aquarium only where you need it, reducing wasted light and lowering energy costs. One of our favorite features is that […]

JBJ Unibody LED Dimmable Light Fixture Product Demo

The JBJ Unibody LED is a thin, lightweight CNC-manufactured aluminum light fixture for aquarium systems. It includes a 2-channel wall-mountable controller with dimming switches so you can adjust the light to the perfect spectrum for your aquarium. The fixture itself is less than 0.92″ thick, 6″ wide and 8″ long. There are currently 4 different […]

Quick Tips: Adding LED Moonlights to your Light Fixture

Thinking about adding LED moonlights to your light fixture? I recommend doing so with double sided adhesive tape made specifically for “Picture & Frame Hanging”. This type of adhesive tape holds strong on many surfaces including your light fixture and removes cleanly without leaving a sticky residue! Shown in this photo is the Neptune Systems […]

Product Review: JBJ Unibody Dimmable 54 Watt 6500K-20000K LED Fixture

Item: JBJ Unibody Dimmable 54 Watt 6500K-20000K LED Fixture Item Code: JB007721 (Blueberry Blue) Useful information: Fits up to 5/8″ rim Faceplates available in multiple colors Gooseneck mount raises approximately 7″ above the rim, and 11″ over the aquarium. Feels durable, clamp and gooseneck felt solid, and did not wobble when attached to the aquarium. […]

Innovative Marine Skkye Light LED Giveaway

We’ve teamed with Innovative Marine for a brand-new LED light giveaway! 3 lucky winners will start 2012 off right with a new Innovative Marine LED light to place over their aquarium. There is no purchase necessary to enter. Just sign up for our email newsletter between now and December 31, 2011 (here is an example […]

Preview: EcoTech Marine Radion XR30W LED Fixture

EcoTech Marine Radion XR30W LED FixtureItem Code: EM3111 34 energy-efficient LEDs Fully adjustable for growth and appeal Output optimized for PAR Wide light spread Minimal color banding Fully upgradeable Modular LED cluster, lens and driver assemblies Capacitive touch exterior controls Revolutionary heat sink design Switching power supply Evolving software and firmware Smart multi-light wireless functionality […]

Coming Soon: Innovative Marine NuvoAquarium & SkkyeLight LED

We’re bringing aboard some new products next week from California-based aquarium supply manufacturer Innovative Marine. IM sent over word that their website went live today, so we thought we’d share the link with our readers so you can see the great aquariums and light fixtures we’ll have available beginning August 22. We are anticipating a […]

Product Preview: Ecoxotic RGB Panorama LED Module

Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Module with 12 LEDs, RGB Remote, RGB Control Box, and Power Supply I recently got to test the new Ecoxotic RGB Panorama LED Module on my aquarium. Right off the bat, the module is very well constructed. It is epoxy encapsulated making the LED module water resistant. It can be easily screwed […]

ATI T5 HO Light Fixtures & Bulbs

ATI is a German company that develops high quality aquarium equipment, from protein skimmers to lighting. Their T5 fixtures and bulbs in particular are generating positive word-of-mouth, especially among reef aquarium hobbyists. ATI light fixtures are special for a few reasons. An active cooling system helps to keep T5 bulbs within optimal temperature ranges. This […]