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Product Review: ATI SunPower 36 Inch 6x39W T5HO Fixture

ATI SunPower 36 Inch 6x39W T5HO Fixture Item Code: UZ3007 Size: 36″ (Actual Dimensions: 35″ x 13.4″ x 2.1″) Bulbs: Six 39w T5HO (234 total watts) Reflectors: Individual Parabolic silver coated 98% reflective German-made aluminum Cooling: Dual 3″ x 3″ Fans Lamp Shield: 1/8″ Thick Acrylic Suspension Cable: 5ft long adjustable grip-lock hanging kit Mounting […]

Coming Soon: Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights

We’ve had Current USA’s smaller LED strips available for a while now, but today we got a sample of the Pro sizes and, boy, are they bright. The first thing we noticed after taking them of the box is that they have a very sturdy construction. They definitely feel high quality. They don’t make any […]

40% off Blue Life T5HO Lamps

Just got word from our purchasing department that we’ve scored a sweet deal from Blue Life.From now until July 6th we’ll be able to offer Blue Life’s T5HO bulbs for 40% off. Now you can get that Memorial Day weekend shopping started! Click here to check out the discounted bulbs from Blue Life. Looking for […]

Ecoxotic PAR38 Aquarium LED Lights to Arrive Friday

Just got word Ecoxotic’s sweet PAR38 LED aquarium lights are set to arrive here on Friday. We’re prepping our website now so we can begin accepting pre-orders. You should be able to find these puppies in our online store for $119.99 in the next 24-48 hours. Each lamp features 5 high power Cree LEDs with […]

Spy Photos of Blue Moon Aquatics LED Pendant

Our photographer left for the day and we have this poor lonely lamp just sitting here in our office. Rather than wait for him to return to shoot some, you know, quality photos, we plugged the sucker in, busted out our smart phones and shot a few ourselves. If you’re a Newsletter subscriber, you’ll […]

Reef Central Special: 33% Off AquaMaxx Metal Halide Bulbs

Two weeks ago we ran a $20 off special for members of Reef Central on the new Vertex IN100 Protein Skimmer. This week we’ve got another special up our sleeve: 33% off AquaMaxx Metal Halide Bulbs! Just enter coupon code RCMAXX during checkout to claim your savings. Don’t forget to visit the forum on […]

Recycle your old Metal Halide Bulbs and get a FREE T-shirt and IceCap Inc. are partnering up to help increase awareness on the possible pollution that our hobby is adding to the environment. While this is just a start and there are many more initiatives to come, a recycling program for old metal halide bulbs may have a big impact on preserving our environment. In […]

New “Made in the USA” PFO Solaris LED Lighting in Stock

We received our first shipment of PFO’s new Solaris LED light fixtures a week ago today. This is worth noting since the new Solaris LEDs are from the I5 series. The Solaris G, H and I4 were manufacturered in China, versus these made in the states versions which are reputed to be of a much […]

20″ Current USA 6x18W Nova Extreme Pro T5 HO 3-10k/3-460nm Actinics

Wow, this is one highly-anticipated light fixture. If you follow Ike’s Blog, you may have already seen a sneak-preview of this light in action. Well, good news, folks: we’ve got it. And for a great price to boot! Perfect for nano aquariums, the Nova Extreme Pro features fan-cooled aluminum housing, independent controls for dawn/dusk applications, […]