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AquaMaxx’s Bookshelf-Style Low-Iron Glass Aquariums Will Make You Want To Go Long

Joseph’s back on the blog with a new tank build! Using the big brother of the 12 gallon Long, Joe’s 22 gallon Long rests atop a vintage Bombay Chest he restored himself.

Metal Halide and T5 Grow Corals Better Than LED and Cost Less—Why Not Keep It Old School?

With the buzz about LED you might think everyone tossed their metal halides and T5s into the recycling bin. We’ll look at why they’re still used by aquarists, public aquariums, and propagation operations world-wide.

Maxspect Unveils New Razor X Lights, Connect ICV6 Controller, and SYNA-G App for 2018

The successor to the best-selling Maxspect Razor is now in stock! We’re taking a closer look at each fixture and providing tank recommendations so you’ll know which Razor X model is right for you.

Radion Diffusers Maximize Color Mixing, Reduce Light Spillage – XR15 Now In Stock!

You may be wondering if this is just a gimmick or a serious improvement on the already great Radion lights. We’ll explain why we think these diffusers are a worthwhile upgrade with real benefits.

The 7 Best Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

You’ve been good this year. Really good. We actually peeked at Santa’s “nice” list and saw your name printed in bold lettering across the top. In short, you deserve a really nice gift.

We Speak With Jay Sperandio and Justin Walsh About The Vectra S1, CoralLab Program, and What’s Next For EcoTech Marine

We catch up with Justin and Jay to talk about EcoTech’s smallest pump yet, the Vectra S1. They also introduce us to their CoralLab initiative and tease that they have new products coming out soon!

AquaMaxx Prism LED Lights: What YOU Need to Know

Everything about the AquaMaxx Prism is designed to keep your focus on the tank below, not on the light above the aquarium. But this is more than just a pretty housing, but’s what’s inside that really matters.

Roger Vitko Interview: Discussing Tunze’s History, The Golden Rule, Product Development, and Trends in the Aquarium Hobby

Roger on what separates Tunze from other brands: “If your name is on the box, that means something that most other companies don’t have. There is personal shame in failure and glory in success.”

We Chat With Dave Fason of NanoBox About LED Lighting, Building a Following, and Supporting Small Businesses

Marine Depot recently started carrying NanoBox aquarium lights so we thought we’d sit down with owner Dave Fason to talk about his company and what makes his lights so popular with hobbyists.

Tunze LED Light Full Spectrum 8850.00: What YOU Need to Know

The Tunze 8850 Full Spectrum submersible fixture that blends LED technology with a unique housing and mounting system that is ideal for Nano reefs, saltwater fish tanks and freshwater aquariums.