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Hamilton Aruba Sun T5/LED Lights: A Quick & Easy Way to Upgrade to Higher Output Reef Tank Lighting

T5 lighting is a proven way to illuminate a reef aquarium. You get great coral growth, minimal heat transfer and none of the shadowing problems of LEDs. Plus, the up front cost for T5 lights is very economical. Hamilton Aruba Sun T5/LED lighting systems are an affordable way to upgrade for many reefkeepers. These systems […]

T5HO: Proven Lighting For Your Reef Aquarium

If you are looking for an economical and proven way to light your reef tank, a T5 lighting system is a great option. Not only does it offer the lowest up-front cost of all lighting systems, it is also what many SPS gurus rely on to grow out and color up Acroporas and many other […]

Kessil A160WE: A worthy successor to the A150W

Kessil’s hotly anticipated successor to the A150W is the all-new A160WE LED Pendant, now available at Marine Depot for $249 in both freshwater (Tuna Sun) and saltwater (Tuna Blue) variations. Kessil packed more power into the A160WE and has described the light as the “inevitable update” to the A150W. It is now on a 40 […]

Reefing On a Budget: Adding LEDs to Your T5 Fixture

When the upgrade bug strikes, perhaps the hardest part is realizing that the stuff that you have won’t work for your next build. That’s exactly what happened to me when I moved from a 40 gallon reef system to a gigantic 120 gallon. I had to upgrade almost everything, including the most painful of all, […]

How to mix-and-match reef aquarium light bulbs to achieve the right look and optimal coral growth

You want or have a saltwater aquarium, but you have a lot of questions about lighting. You would love to know which bulbs will bring out the beauty of your fish and coral, but also want to promote their health and growth. We are here to help with those questions. Reef lighting is a big […]

FIRST LOOK: Maxspect Celestial C35F Full Spectrum LED Spotlight

Welcome to my hands-on preview of the new Maxspect Celestial Spotlight! The model I have been testing the past few days is the C35F Full Spectrum version. The fixture comes with an adjustable mounting bracket that tightens onto the side or back or your aquarium. I have a rimless aquarium and, as you can see […]

My DIY Hood for T5 & Radion LED Lighting

This is a follow-up to my post from last week, LED and T5 Hybrid: My Ultimate Lighting System. I received a lot of requests for more info on my DIY hood that houses 2 x EcoTech Gen 3 Radions and 4 x 55W ATI T5’s, so I thought I’d address those topics in today’s post. Many thanks to everyone […]

LED and T5 Hybrid: My Ultimate Lighting System

Being one that loves to tinker with my reef tank, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to make my tank better and my fish and corals “happier”. Whether it is a new filter, a new light, new additives or a new food, I am always looking for something better. Talking to other hobbyists as a […]

5 Creative Ways to Use LED Light Strips

LED aquarium lights have made a huge impact in our hobby because they save you money in a number of ways. Heat transfer into your aquarium, bulb costs and electricity consumption are considerably reduced or eliminated altogether when you make the switch to LED. Another benefit of LED lights is they are extremely versatile and […]

Hamilton Technology Cebu Sun: A Tried-and-True Lighting Combination

With an increasing number of hobbyists becoming disappointed with their LED lights, many have switched back to the tried-and-true combination of Metal Halides & T5 High Output—which has often been revered as the best lighting you can buy for any reef aquarium. We hear from veteran reefers all the time that the lighting combination of […]