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How-To Set Up a Kalkwasser Reactor – An easy Solution to Maintain Calcium and Alkalinity

Corals need the right balance of calcium and alkalinity to build new skeleton and tissue. Many reefers use 2-part solution or calcium reactors, oh but there is another way to dose your system, with kalkwasser.

Forging a Better Future For Coral Reefs

Reef aquariums have come a long way in a very short amount of time. Whether it’s the technology behind them or the plethora of information continuing to enter the hobby. We all want to create an aquarium that can give viewers a glimpse into what a thriving natural coral reef looks like. While general interest […]

How to Gain Control of your Silicate Situation

One of the most abundant elements on earth, silicon in its soluble form (silicate) can contribute to diatom outbreaks. So before it gets out of hand, here is what you need to know about it to gain control.

The Best Hang-On-Back Aquarium Accessories

Oftentimes, drilling an aquarium can cause more stress than it’s even worth. Without a sump, hobbyists must be creative in finding accessories that can operate properly on their aquariums. Luckily, as time has gone by, more and more manufacturers are bringing hang-on-back accessories to the market. While our most popular accessories tend to be ones […]

Evaporation in Your Aquarium: Process, Causes, and How to Reduce It!

Evaporation occurs at the surface of the water, lost to the air in the room, but never returns to the aquarium. How does this happen? What are the causes? And how can we control it?

Kalkwasser Explained and How to Mix Your Own Solution

Maintaining calcium and alkalinity levels is important because an imbalance in either one can limit the growth of your corals and make it harder to keep your water chemistry stable. Using kalkwasser solution is a safe way to maintain calcium, alkalinity, and also stabilize pH in reef aquariums. Here’s how to make your own solution.

Best Aquarium Rock: Our Top Picks

Building an aquascape for a new aquarium is one of the most exciting yet time consuming steps in creating your dream tank. We all want to create a scape that can catch the eye of any viewer and sometimes, that means getting a rock into a position that may be difficult. Fortunately, aquarium manufacturers have […]

Chasing Coral Color & Growth – The 4 Pillars of Reef Keeping

Chasing numbers often leads aquarists to the misconception that they need to achieve certain parameters to get growth and color in coral. However, what works for one person may not work for another. In this series we discuss the four pillars to support your coral goals.

Reefer Resolutions: Achieve Your Aquarium Goals

It’s almost 2021! and to celebrate, the Marine Depot team is revealing the tools you need to achieve your new year’s aquarium resolutions. Unfortunately, we are not in the fitness, nutrition, or organization industries but, what we can do is, make sure that your aquariums are happy, healthy, and low maintenance to ring in the […]

Best Aquarium Return Pumps: Our Top Picks

Having the proper flow and water turnover rate is one of the most crucial aspects of setting up an aquarium for success. What once was a relatively easy choice to make has become a market saturated with a plethora of return pump options. While this may be overwhelming for entry level hobbyists, the large amount […]