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AquaMaxx Unveils New Protein Skimmer Line

Good news travels fast! If you haven’t heard—however unlikely with posts on Reefbuilders, Glassbox Design and OCRD—we are proud to be the first retailer online or otherwise with AquaMaxx’s new-to-market line of protein skimmers. We’ve got all seven models released in this first wave and will carry an additional four as soon as AquaMaxx gives […]

40% off Blue Life T5HO Lamps

Just got word from our purchasing department that we’ve scored a sweet deal from Blue Life.From now until July 6th we’ll be able to offer Blue Life’s T5HO bulbs for 40% off. Now you can get that Memorial Day weekend shopping started! Click here to check out the discounted bulbs from Blue Life. Looking for […]

Ecoxotic PAR38 Aquarium LED Lights to Arrive Friday

Just got word Ecoxotic’s sweet PAR38 LED aquarium lights are set to arrive here on Friday. We’re prepping our website now so we can begin accepting pre-orders. You should be able to find these puppies in our online store for $119.99 in the next 24-48 hours. Each lamp features 5 high power Cree LEDs with […]

Spy Photos of Blue Moon Aquatics LED Pendant

Our photographer left for the day and we have this poor lonely lamp just sitting here in our office. Rather than wait for him to return to shoot some, you know, quality photos, we plugged the sucker in, busted out our smart phones and shot a few ourselves. If you’re a Newsletter subscriber, you’ll […]

Reefer Gone Green!

“Who even likes fish?” I asked myself this very question while cleaning aquariums back in May 2003 at my first job, a local pet store. “I mean, they just float or swim side-to-side.” These feelings persisted during my first couple of months on the job. Then one day I observed a coworker feeding Oscars with […]

Now Shipping Key Largo Dry Base Rock from Marco Rocks

Marco Rocks, first mentioned on this blog a couple of weeks ago, are now available for sale on our website. Marco Rocks promises to be the epitome of “reef safe.” Not only are Marco Rocks safe for reef aquariums, they are never (“never ever,” their website states) collected from a living reef. Marco Rocks are […]

New Products: Marco Rocks arriving 11/20

Already a hit on the east coast, Marco Rocks made a splash at Reef-A-Palooza this year and will soon be making their way to the west so we can ship them to reefers around the globe. We’ll begin by selling 2 box sizes: a 35-pound box of rocks for $99.99 + shipping and a 50-pound […]

New Product Alert: Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550

Have trouble finding a media reactor large enough to accommodate that mammoth tank of yours? Today is your lucky day. Two Little Fishies just released the Phosban 550, a larger version of the best-selling 150 model. While the 150 certainly received rave reviews from customers, it was only designed for aquariums up to 150 gallons. […]

AquaticLife’s New Principal SKIMMER!

Flipping through television channels recently I stumbled upon an episode of The Simpsons called “Homer and Lisa Exchange Crosswords.” At one point in the episode, Superintendent Chalmers shouts “skimmer!” and Principal Skinner leans out a window. Since this gag was probably only funny to aquarium hobbyists (I was ROTFLMAO), I immediately texted Jeff (who was, […]

So Much to Learn About the Oceans From Sand

As a young geophysicist in the 1980s, Rob Holman attended a conference in San Francisco that included a field trip to a beach. Dr. Holman, who grew up inland, in Ottawa, stared at the ocean, assessing the strengths and vectors of the waves and currents. But when he looked around, everyone else was studying the […]