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Sicce Pump Clean will restore pumps crusted up with coraline

We marine aquarists don’t clean our pumps anything like enough, instead letting them wear and crust up with calcium deposits and coraline algae. But with a pump cleaner like Sicce’s new Pump Clean aquarium equipment cleaner pumps that looked ready for the trash can be brought back from the dead and look and perform like new.

XXXX BREAKING NEWS XXXX Nero 3 is new smaller wave pump model from Aqua Illumination

Aquatic tech company Aqua Illumination release the latest addition to their product portfolio this week, the Nero 3. At nearly half the size of its bigger brother the Nero 5 reefkeepers will be impressed by the tiny footprint of the 3, tiny 20-watt max power consumption, but large 2000gph maximum output.

The Abyzz AFC1200IPU is an absolute beast of a flow pump!

Premium pump manufacturer Abyzz has been teasing pictures and video of their largest flow pump the AFC1200. With a maximum output of 550,000lph/145,000gph its three times more powerful than a Hydro Wizard ECM 75 and nearly 10 times more powerful than a Tunze Masterstream 6560. It produces that torrent of water for only 1200 watts – that’s 120gph of water output per watt of electricity.

How to Lower pH in the Aquarium

Is the pH in your reef aquarium too high? Don’t panic or reach for a pH adjuster just yet. Before doing anything it’s important to understand the fundamentals of pH and the factors that affect it in your tank. Relax! This isn’t going to be a chemistry lesson and there’s no math involved. Here’s what […]

Reviewed: Sicce Syncra SDC multifunction pump

Syncra SDC is Italian pump manufacturer Sicce’s flagship return pump model. The company is known for very reliable AC pumps and is the go-to OEM pump for many aquarium and equipment manufacturers but as the name suggests, this one is DC.  There are three models in the range, 6.0, 7.0, and 9.0, delivering adjustable flow […]

Sicce XStream SDC wave pump – reviewed

The wave pump market is a funny one. Everyone wants the newest, the most powerful and the most radical-looking wave pump they can get. And if I were to ask an on-trend reefer to name their top three wave-making pumps I bet the XStream SDC by Sicce wouldn’t be mentioned. But I’ve been running one […]

Free fish guard with every Nero pump from now on

As from today, all Nero pumps will be manufactured and shipped complete with the new fish guard. 

Vectra and Vortech firmware change to Mobius on June 1st

The news we’ve all been waiting for from EcoTech Marine is here. From June 1st all Vortech and Vectra pumps will be manufactured with Mobius firmware installed. That means that the latest pumps will be controllable via the Mobius app alongside recent generation Radion LED lights, and the all-conquering Versa dosing pump. So no more […]

TMC Reef Pump Connect is a Bluetooth controlled return pump

Tropical Marine Centre have expanded the Reef Pump range with the release of Reef Pump Connect. Five models make up the range, turning over between 2500 and 10000lph or 660-2642gph, making the range suitable for a wide selection of aquarium sizes and applications.  Like many DC pumps, these feature variable speed control with 20 settings, […]

Maxspect launch MJ-GF Series Gyre Flow Pumps

European fans of gyre flow wave pumps will welcome the latest release from the Maxspect stable, the Maxspect Jump Gyre Flow pumps. Superficially similar to the well-known Gyres, the Jump uses the same form factor, crossflow and Sine Wave technologies to produce masses of flow and water movement, only in a stripped-back, one-pump-one-controller package. Control […]