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Ready to Move Into a Bigger Tank? Tips to Prep for the New Tank

Bigger tanks offer more swimming and growing space for your resident fish collection, room to add more, and they make for a more impactful viewing spectacle. Here are some things you need to know when you’re ready for a bigger tank.

Types of Water Pumps for the Aquarium to Get You Flowin’

There are many types of water pumps used in aquariums and especially with reef tanks, but not all water pumps are designed to do the same job.

How To Size a Return Pump

Water flow is critical for your reef’s health. A return pump moves water through the filter sump and back into the aquarium, creating constant water movement, but how do you size one for your tank?

How to Cure Rock for Your Reef

In the early days of reef keeping live rock was harvested from unprotected reefs, shipped by air and then trucked to your home. However, you couldn’t just drop the rock into your tank and expect it to be reef-ready

Best Aquarium Air Pumps: Our Top Picks

Air pumps have been oxygenating our tanks and powering our aquarium accessories for decades. While some may see these pumps as outdated, they are a proven and reliable option that are the pumps of choice for thousands of hobbyists. There are so many uses for these pumps including adding oxygen to the water and powering […]

How to Set Up a Frag Tank

A frag tank is a working tank with characteristics of function over form, practical, and above all produces results. If you are planning on taking cuttings (frags) from colonies in your main display, you will want them to put a base down on a frag plug quickly (if not quicker) than it did in the […]

Sicce Pump Clean will restore pumps crusted up with coraline

We marine aquarists don’t clean our pumps anything like enough, instead letting them wear and crust up with calcium deposits and coraline algae. But with a pump cleaner like Sicce’s new Pump Clean aquarium equipment cleaner pumps that looked ready for the trash can be brought back from the dead and look and perform like new.

XXXX BREAKING NEWS XXXX Nero 3 is new smaller wave pump model from Aqua Illumination

Aquatic tech company Aqua Illumination release the latest addition to their product portfolio this week, the Nero 3. At nearly half the size of its bigger brother the Nero 5 reefkeepers will be impressed by the tiny footprint of the 3, tiny 20-watt max power consumption, but large 2000gph maximum output.

The Abyzz AFC1200IPU is an absolute beast of a flow pump!

Premium pump manufacturer Abyzz has been teasing pictures and video of their largest flow pump the AFC1200. With a maximum output of 550,000lph/145,000gph its three times more powerful than a Hydro Wizard ECM 75 and nearly 10 times more powerful than a Tunze Masterstream 6560. It produces that torrent of water for only 1200 watts – that’s 120gph of water output per watt of electricity.

How to Lower pH in the Aquarium

Is the pH in your reef aquarium too high? Don’t panic or reach for a pH adjuster just yet. Before doing anything it’s important to understand the fundamentals of pH and the factors that affect it in your tank. Relax! This isn’t going to be a chemistry lesson and there’s no math involved. Here’s what […]