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The 7 Best Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

You’ve been good this year. Really good. We actually peeked at Santa’s “nice” list and saw your name printed in bold lettering across the top. In short, you deserve a really nice gift.

We Speak With Jay Sperandio and Justin Walsh About The Vectra S1, CoralLab Program, and What’s Next For EcoTech Marine

We catch up with Justin and Jay to talk about EcoTech’s smallest pump yet, the Vectra S1. They also introduce us to their CoralLab initiative and tease that they have new products coming out soon!

Roger Vitko Interview: Discussing Tunze’s History, The Golden Rule, Product Development, and Trends in the Aquarium Hobby

Roger on what separates Tunze from other brands: “If your name is on the box, that means something that most other companies don’t have. There is personal shame in failure and glory in success.”

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 8: Wavemaker Installation + Which ATO Should We Use?

In our last episode we pitted four powerheads against each other to see which pump all of you think will be the best fit for our tank and the reliable Tunze 6055 pumps won the vote.

Making Waves with Aqamai’s Tiny Wi-Fi Controllable KPS Pump

Today we are taking a look at the new Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Powerhead from the people over at Hydor who brought us the popular line of Koralia powerheads.

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 7: Light Installation + Which Wavemakers Should We Use?

In today’s episode, we hang the light you picked and customize the color, intensity, and light schedule. We also introduce our first fish and corals in this episode, so don’t miss it!

Tank Hacks: Easy Upgrades for Your Innovative Marine Fusion Peninsula 20

In this video we’re going to take the IM 20 gallon Peninsula Tank and deck it out with some of our favorite gear in order to show you guys how these tanks can provide the perfect platform to build the nano tank of your dreams.

How to Position Pumps and Powerheads for Better Water Circulation and Happy Corals

Water circulation is important for keeping fish and corals healthy and thriving. We’ll explain the multiple benefits of water movement and how best to position submersible pumps in reef tanks.

IceCap Gyre vs. Maxspect Gyre: What’s the Difference? We Got the Scoop from CoralVue!

Which Gyre should you buy: Maxspect or IceCap? We got the scoop from CoralVue’s VP of Sales & Marketing about the new more budget-conscious IceCap Gyre that was just released.

Maxspect Gyre 200 Series Water Circulation Pumps

MaxSpect has recently released the 2nd Generation of the Gyre pumps that offer some great new features. The original XF-130 and XF-150 are extremely popular due to their ability to produce a unique GYRE flow pattern. There are now three different sizes of Gyre pumps to choose from. The smallest XF-230s are rated for aquariums […]