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Use a Flow Accelerator to Increase Water Flow and Improve Circulation

Accel Aquatics Flow accelerators offer a great way to improve water circulation in your aquarium without adding extra pumps or power heads. They can be used in closed-loop applications or can simply be attached to your return water line. The best part about flow accelerators is that they increase flow, up to 400%, without any […]

Transform your reef aquarium into THE ULTIMATE TECH TANK

We started out with a fish only system, then converted the tank to a reef system.  In this video we are going to turn this tank into the Ultimate Tech Tank by installing a Neptune Systems Apex Wi-Fi controller along with a handful of Apex accessories. Adding a controller to your tank is hands down […]

Choosing the Right Powerhead for your Reef Tank

Water flow in a reef aquarium is absolutely crucial to create a healthy environment for the animals inside the tank. Wild reefs are naturally very turbulent and creating natural flow patterns will help keep debris suspended in your tank, promote proper gas exchange, and help deliver food and nutrients to your tank inhabitants. When building […]

All I want for Fishmas #5: VorTech, Gyre and WAV Smart Pumps

Happy holidays from all of us at Marine Depot! Welcome to the fifth installment of our All I want for Fishmas video series. Technology has come a long way in the world of reefkeeping and has led to some really revolutionary product developments. Some of the coolest advancements we have seen of late are controllable […]

‘Tis the Season for Reefing: Wavemakers on Every Reefer’s Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is officially here and all of us at Marine Depot are excited to share some of our favorite gift ideas for the aquarium enthusiast in your family. From RO/DI systems to protein skimmers, MD has everything you need to keep your tank happy and healthy through the holidays. At the top of […]

Maxspect Gyre XF130: Unrivaled Flow, Quiet Operation and a Bevy of Cool Controllable Settings

The Maxspect Gyre is one of the most exciting new aquarium products to hit the market in recent years. The first Gyre pump, the XF150, was released late last year and basically changed the way we produce water flow in our aquariums. The unrivaled flow it produced has allowed many hobbyists with large aquariums to reduce […]

The New Hydor Koralia Nano is here! Your Nano tank just got bigger

Over the vast land of the internet I have been reading rumors and speculation about Hydor making a nano version of their Koralia series. For weeks, office talk suggested that what I have been reading and hoping for has come true. Today, proudly carries the Hydor Koralia Nano. That’s right, folks. For a mere […]