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PVC – Plumbing Basics, Part 1 – What you Should Know

Matching PVC pipe and fittings is not that difficult. You can use all the same size piping or mix and match to create your own custom water management system. But if this is all new to you, this article discusses the basics of PVC plumbing.

Best Aquarium Return Pumps: Our Top Picks

Having the proper flow and water turnover rate is one of the most crucial aspects of setting up an aquarium for success. What once was a relatively easy choice to make has become a market saturated with a plethora of return pump options. While this may be overwhelming for entry level hobbyists, the large amount […]

Plan Ahead for Aquarium Emergencies

Emergency planning for your tank makes good sense, kind of like having a spare tire in case of a flat. Here we discuss each component in your aquarium’s life support system and how to create a back-up plan for aquarium emergencies.

Types of Water Pumps for the Aquarium to Get You Flowin’

There are many types of water pumps used in aquariums and especially with reef tanks, but not all water pumps are designed to do the same job.

How To Size a Return Pump

Water flow is critical for your reef’s health. A return pump moves water through the filter sump and back into the aquarium, creating constant water movement, but how do you size one for your tank?

Reviewed: Sicce Syncra SDC multifunction pump

Syncra SDC is Italian pump manufacturer Sicce’s flagship return pump model. The company is known for very reliable AC pumps and is the go-to OEM pump for many aquarium and equipment manufacturers but as the name suggests, this one is DC.  There are three models in the range, 6.0, 7.0, and 9.0, delivering adjustable flow […]

Vectra and Vortech firmware change to Mobius on June 1st

The news we’ve all been waiting for from EcoTech Marine is here. From June 1st all Vortech and Vectra pumps will be manufactured with Mobius firmware installed. That means that the latest pumps will be controllable via the Mobius app alongside recent generation Radion LED lights, and the all-conquering Versa dosing pump. So no more […]

TMC Reef Pump Connect is a Bluetooth controlled return pump

Tropical Marine Centre have expanded the Reef Pump range with the release of Reef Pump Connect. Five models make up the range, turning over between 2500 and 10000lph or 660-2642gph, making the range suitable for a wide selection of aquarium sizes and applications.  Like many DC pumps, these feature variable speed control with 20 settings, […]