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SpectraPure MaxCap RO/DI System: What YOU Need to Know

MaxCap The SpectraPure MaxCap is one of our best-selling RO/DI systems. It features a tested TFC membrane with 99% rejection rate. This means you will get 2-3 times more life out of your DI cartridges when compared to most other regular TFC membranes that have a lower rejection rate.  The MaxCap systems also include a […]

Marine Depot RO/DI Replacement Filter Kit: What YOU Need to Know

RO/DI Filter Kit Our RO/DI replacement filter kit includes standard-sized sediment, carbon, and DI filter cartridges that fit most RO/DI systems such as MarineDepot Kleanwater, SpectraPure, AquaFX, SeaChem,  Kent Marine and many more. In most situations, RO/DI cartridges need to be changed out every 6 months or so to ensure the water produced does not […]

5 Upgrades to Maximize the Performance of Your RO/DI System

After some time of keeping a reef tank, it becomes very obvious just how valuable your RO/DI system. Here at Marine Depot, we carry a variety of cool accessories that will help you get the most out of your RO/DI filter. Here are our top 5 favorite upgrades and add-ons for your RO/DI:ADD A BOOSTER […]

All I want for Fishmas #2: Marine Depot KleanWater 4-Stage Economy RO/DI Tap Water Filter System

Welcome to Episode 2 of our “All I want for Fishmas” video series. Today we are talking about one of the smartest investments you can make for your reef tank. Best of all, it is $15 off off through the entire month of December! Keeping reading to get the lowdown on our own KleanWater 4-Stage […]

Create ultra-clean water for your aquarium with Marine Depot KleanWater RO and RO/DI Systems

We are extremely excited to introduce you to the all-new Marine Depot KleanWater RO and RO/DI filter systems exclusively available now at With several different systems available from 4 to 6 stages, you are sure to find the perfect filter to fit any budget and performance level. Marine Depot’s KleanWater Series are proudly built right here […]

How to Replace Your RO/DI Filter Cartridges

A RO/DI system is your reef defender, preventing harmful contaminates from ever entering your aquarium water. That is why it is important to regularly maintain your RO/DI filter so your reef is protected from these unseen killers. The biggest challenge most hobbyists face is not knowing precisely when to change out their filter cartridges. But […]

Remove Chloramines with your RO/DI Filter System

Chloramine is quickly becoming a concern for an increasing number of aquarium hobbyists because more and more municipalities are using chloramine to sanitize local water supplies. According to the EPA, more than one in five Americans uses water treated with chloramine. If untreated, chloramine can get into your aquarium and have detrimental effects, ranging from […]

Win a RO/DI Replacement Filter Kit!

You haven’t changed your RO/DI filter cartridges in a while. No, we’re not telepaths. We just know you wouldn’t be reading this right now if you weren’t interested in scoring some FREE replacement filters for your reverse osmosis/deionizing system. Produce 0 TDS for mixing saltwater and topping off your tank with Captive Purity’s excellent RO/DI […]