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How to Clean Sand or Gravel for the Aquarium

A few different methods on how to clean sand or gravel for the aquarium.

AF Bio Sand is a totally different take on Live Sand

Live sands have been available for a long time, and share similar formats, packaging, and benefits. Clear bags contain bacteria covered aragonite sand and saltwater, and the sand/water/bacteria mix is simply poured into a new marine aquarium to help start the cycling process. Individual bags differ from being slightly damp to containing actual water, but […]

Biological Filtration Demystified – Marine Depot Chats with Experts #10

The way you cycle your aquarium can actually impact its success long term. We discussed the pros and cons of a fishless cycle vs. cycling with fish and how to control the uglies in a new aquarium with Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec, the founder of DrTim’s Aquatics.

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 3: Aquascape + Which Heater Should We Use?

We are setting up a 75 gallon drop-off aquarium and want YOU to help us build it! Today we aquascape the tank with the rock YOU voted for. Pick the heater we’ll install in our next episode!

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 2: Sump Install + Which Rock Should We Use?

In Episode 1, we took a tour of the tank and presented two sump upgrades for you to choose from. Today we installed the sump YOU voted for. Stay tuned until the end so you can vote for the rock we’ll aquascape the tank with in Episode 3!

Marine/Reef Aquarium Sand: Deep Sand Bed or Shallow? Coarse or Fine Grain Sand? Find Out!

Today we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about choosing sand for a saltwater aquarium. Read on to discover what kind of sand is best for your tank plus get the truth about how deep your sand bed should really be. We offer a wide variety of sands and each […]

Aquascape Eye Candy – 11 Examples for Inspiration

We all know by now that rock and (to a lesser extent) sand is the basis of filtration for any reef system. But for many of us, it’s not enough to just throw some stuff in to a tank. We’re addicted to the artform of aquascaping. I called on the folks over at to […]

So Much to Learn About the Oceans From Sand

As a young geophysicist in the 1980s, Rob Holman attended a conference in San Francisco that included a field trip to a beach. Dr. Holman, who grew up inland, in Ottawa, stared at the ocean, assessing the strengths and vectors of the waves and currents. But when he looked around, everyone else was studying the […]