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Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 3: Aquascape + Which Heater Should We Use?

We are setting up a 75 gallon drop-off aquarium and want YOU to help us build it! Today we aquascape the tank with the rock YOU voted for. Pick the heater we’ll install in our next episode!

American Marine Selcon Food Booster: What YOU Need to Know

Selcon from American Marine is a concentrated food booster containing Omega 3 fatty acids, marine lipids, stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. Add a few drops to soak your favorite foods before feeding to your tank.

Cycle your aquarium faster with MicroBacter7

Brightwell Aquatics’ MicroBacter7 introduces beneficial bacteria that helps establish biological filtration in a new tank so it can complete the aquarium nitrogen cycle.

Setting Up an Aquarium Dosing Pump: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Daily dosing can be a lot of work and many hobbyists tend to quickly get off track. A dosing pump is a great way to relieve yourself of this mundane task of daily dosing and can automate the process for you. Using a dosing pump will also help to maintain more consistent water parameters for […]

What are the “best” reef aquarium supplements?

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving!Being a foodie, I LOVE to eat. Thinking about what I will be cooking and eating for the holidays also has me thinking of what I feed to my tank.One question that we are frequently asked, and always have trouble answering is “what is the best supplement for my […]

How to Maintain Calcium and Alkalinity By R. Farnsworth, Reef Squad

Calcium is an essential building block for wild and captive reefs alike. Calcium combines with carbonates (alkalinity) and other elements in the water to create calcium carbonate. Stony corals synthesize calcium carbonate along with trace elements from the water in order to build rigid skeletons which ultimately end up creating a foundation for wild reefs. […]