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Getting Rid of Algae in the Freshwater Aquarium

Nuisance algae can be unsightly and hard to control in any tank, for any aquarist. So we have gathered some of our top tips on how to get rid of freshwater algae in the aquarium.

UV Sterilization and the Reef Aquarium

First used to disinfect drinking water in Europe, UV sterilization for a reef aquarium has been found to have its own benefits…

Always Innovative: Clever Solutions to Make Aquarium Keeping Easier – Marine Depot Chats with Experts #5

Join us for a live Q&A with Innovative Marine’s Marketing Director Royce Suzuki about the company’s new INT and EXT aquariums, APS stands, MiniMax Pro reactors, NuvoSkim DC skimmers, research and development and a whole lot more!

Disposable Ultraviolet Sterilizers: We Chat With Royce Suzuki of Innovative Marine About Their Easy New Drop-In AUQA Shield UV Sterilizers

We spoke to Royce Suzuki, Innovative Marine’s Director of Marketing, about how ultraviolet sterilization works and why the company decided to create UV sterilizers you can simply throwaway after using.

The Truth About UV Sterilizers and Reef Aquariums

Small aquarium UV sterilizers can help control parasites and bacteria. They can help clear up stubborn algae blooms in freshwater, marine and reef aquariums in a matter of days.