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Here’s Exactly What You Should Do With Your Aquarium In Case Disaster Strikes: Lessons Learned From Julian Sprung’s ‘Backup Plan’

Julian Sprung, life-long aquarist and owner of Two Little Fishies, presents his real-life story about losing power and trying to save his reef aquarium during Hurricane Irma in 2017. “Backup Plan” are lessons he learned in the wake of the disaster.

The Flashiest of Wrasses: The McCosker’s Wrasse!

Our very own Felicia recounts her experience with a pair of McCosker’s Flasher Wrasses she helped get going in her parent’s home aquarium and points out some of the critical but not-so-obvious care requirements for this impressive fish.

Aquascape Your Walls With Exclusive Paintings and Prints From ReefWeeds Artist Rachel Fogle

Rachel Fogle is the mastermind and creator of ReefWeeds: the eye-catching, UV-reactive reef-inspired art you’ve undoubtedly seen “glowing” at aquarium shows, in YouTube videos, and all over social media this past year. We have good news: ReefWeeds art is now available at Marine Depot!

Salinity Measurements in Aquariums

Salinity is one of the most widely tested parameters in saltwater aquariums. It is often the first parameter hobbyists test for as it is crucial in making artificial saltwater. As Kevin Costa from Hanna Instruments explains, there are many ways to measure salinity—but some are more accurate than others!

Red Sea Aquariums: Past, Present, and Future – Marine Depot Chats with Experts #4

We chat with Scott Kohler of Red Sea about all the new aquarium products they debuted at Interzoo this year like the ReefClean, ReefDose, and ReefLED. Then callers from around the US join the call to ask Scott about NO3:PO4-X and a whole lot more!

Ian M. Tepoot Tells Us About Fish Food Ingredients, How New Life International Earned The Trust of The California Academy of Sciences, and How Aquarium Hobbyists Anthropomorphize Their Fishes’ Diet

New Life International creates some of the most popular pellet foods in the world for the fish we keep in our aquariums. We speak to company president Ian M. Tepoot about their New Life Spectrum lineup of foods and discuss ingredients, efficacy, diet, and why so many trusted institutions feed their aquarium fish NLS.

Optimizing Lighting and Flow to Grow Healthier Corals in your Reef Aquarium – Marine Depot Chats with Experts #3

How important is water flow for coral health? How do we maximize coral coloration and growth while keeping operating costs low? What are the benefits of syncing lighting and flow? Join us for an enlightening conversation with Jay Sperandio of EcoTech Marine.

Vinny Altamirano Shares GHL’s Company History, Explains What Sets Their Aquarium Controllers and Dosers Apart From Competitors, and Teases a New Product to Control Calcium

We go deep with GHL’S Vinny Altamirano to find out the answers to important questions like “What does GHL stand for?” Vinny also shares what he thinks differentiates GHL from the competition and how aquarium controllers benefit fresh and saltwater hobbyists alike.

Starting Your First Saltwater Aquarium? Here Are The Top 5 Best Beginner Saltwater Fish

If you are new to saltwater fishkeeping, you’ll want to start off with fish that are hardy, easy to care for, and adapt to aquarium life well. There are plenty of species which are both beautiful to look at, and some of them even help to keep your aquarium clean! Here are our Top 5 fish for beginning hobbyists!

We Get The Lowdown On The MiniMax Pro Reactor from Innovative Marine’s Royce Suzuki—BONUS: A New IM Skimmer Is Coming Soon!

The reactor is available in two sizes and designed to fit in the back of all-in-one aquariums where space is scarce—a place where fast, easy, and mess-free maintenance determines whether you love or hate a particular piece of equipment. Royce also tell us about their new NuvoSkim DC protein skimmer!