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Musings on ReefStock’s Q&A Session With Vincent Chalias and Jake Adams: A Panel Discussion Featuring 9 Industry Professionals

We sent 6 questions the audience asked marine biologist Vincent Chalias and journalist Jake Adams at ReefStock 2018 to a group of aquarium industry professionals to get their opinions on a variety of topics.

AlgaGen’s Erik Stenn Tells Us Why We Should Feed PhycoPure SeaPro, The First Living Frozen Phytoplankton, To Our Reef Tanks—And Teases More Live Frozen Foods May Be Coming

PhycoPure SeaPro is a live algae culture delivered to you in “suspended animation.” Once thawed, the phytoplankton instantly become alive in your reef tank! Phytoplankton is a vital part of the food chain.

Reef2Reef’s David Hammontree Talks About Staying Passionate, Buying Competitor 3reef, Dinoflagettes In His Dream Tank, and What He’s Binging on Netflix

Reef2Reef is one of the most popular online communities for marine and reef hobbyists. We caught up with R2R’s owner (you may know him better as revhtree) to talk about what it takes to stay on top.

The Walt Smith Story: His Rich History in the Marine Aquarium Hobby and the A.D.E. Project

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with industry pioneer Walt Smith about his Aquaculture Development for the Environment (A.D.E.) Project and rich history in the marine aquarium hobby.

Abyzz Pumps: Silky Smooth, Fully Controllable, And Performance-Built For Your Most Demanding Flow Requirements

No doubt you’ve seen high-performance dream cars where no expense was spared in their design. These machines were built with the finest materials with one goal: performance! That’s exactly how Abyzz pumps were created.

A Conversation About Clams With Professor, Columnist, and Author James Fatherree

James Fatherree is a professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He has been a reef aquarist and diver for 20+ years. He’s also a columnist and author of books including Giant Clams in the Sea and the Aquarium.

Where In The World Is Bob Fenner? We Track Him Down To Talk About Diving Destinations, Climate Change, and Underwater Photography

We speak with The Conscientious Marine Aquarist author and owner of Wet Web Media Bob Fenner plus watch his 2017 Reef-A-Palooza California presentation “Anemones for Aquarium Use, Husbandry.”

We Talk With Jake Adams Of Reef Builders About Breaking Big Stories, Women In The Hobby, And If Water Changes Will Ever Be A Thing Of The Past

Jake has been a major voice in the hobby for over a decade creating quality content to educate and inform hobbyists with the latest reef news. Watch his 2017 Reef-Palooza presentation here!

Do Algae Scrubbers Outperform Reactors and Refugiums? Yes Says Bryan of Santa Monica Filtration; See Positive Results In 1-3 Weeks

For the past decade, Bryan from Santa Monica Filtration has been perfecting his algae turf scrubbers so hobbyists can achieve natural macroalgal filtration like you’ll find in the world’s oceans, reefs, rivers, and lakes.

3,600 Attend 14th Annual Reef-A-Palooza Aquarium Show at Hilton Anaheim in California

Thousands of hobbyists descended upon the Hilton Anaheim for Reef-A-Palooza October 7 and 8. “I think the show was a definite success,” said Greg Carroll, President of the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society.