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We Catch Up With Royce Suzuki of Innovative Marine To Discuss Design, Inspiration, And The Secret To Keeping A Healthy Tank

Innovative Marine is not afraid to take risks with aquarium design. We probed marketing director Royce Suzuki to tell us where their team of 5 former fish store owners draw inspiration from.

We Speak With Jay Sperandio and Justin Walsh About The Vectra S1, CoralLab Program, and What’s Next For EcoTech Marine

We catch up with Justin and Jay to talk about EcoTech’s smallest pump yet, the Vectra S1. They also introduce us to their CoralLab initiative and tease that they have new products coming out soon!

Roger Vitko Interview: Discussing Tunze’s History, The Golden Rule, Product Development, and Trends in the Aquarium Hobby

Roger on what separates Tunze from other brands: “If your name is on the box, that means something that most other companies don’t have. There is personal shame in failure and glory in success.”

We Chat With Dave Fason of NanoBox About LED Lighting, Building a Following, and Supporting Small Businesses

Marine Depot recently started carrying NanoBox aquarium lights so we thought we’d sit down with owner Dave Fason to talk about his company and what makes his lights so popular with hobbyists.

A Fever in Our Oceans: A Chat with Zack Rago of Chasing Coral

Read our wide-ranging interview with Zackery Rago of the hit NextFlix documentary Chasing Coral! We discuss climate change, activism, and how aquarists are a driving force for innovation.

Fish Facts with Quality Marine, Episode 1 – Reef Safe Triggerfish

We visit Quality Marine in Los Angeles to give you a behind-the-scenes look at their operations. Then, we’ll profile three reef safe Triggerfish: the Crosshatch, Blue Jaw, and Sargassum.

Catching up with Bob Fenner while he dives and takes amazing underwater images in Fiji

Bob Fenner is one of the experts in the reefkeeping hobby. A familiar face at reef shows and full of in-depth knowledge about the sea creatures we keep in the hobby, Bob interacts with hobbyists from all over the world.

How to Cycle a Saltwater Aquarium By Mark Callahan, Mr. Saltwater Tank

Let’s face it: you want instant gratification. As soon as your box of aquarium supplies arrives from MarineDepot.com, you drop everything and begin fiddling with your new gear. And, once that last piece of equipment is set up, you’ll be ready to add fish to your new tank, right? Not so fast. You’ve got one step […]

The Best Clean Up Crew Critters and Equipment For Your Reef Aquarium

Spring time has lots of difference faces depending on where you are located. For me living in the Northeast, it means I can finally get outside and tackle the chore of cleaning up my yard from winter (and sneaking out to the golf course as well). But no matter where you live, all of us […]

The Fundamentals of Live Rock in Aquascaping by Mike Paletta

Live rock is not only crucial for biological filtration, but when done properly, it provides a natural environment for aquarium inhabitants. It can provide natural hiding places to make the fish feel secure as well as providing a natural base upon which the corals and other invertebrates may be placed. Unfortunately during the planning of the […]