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Marine Depot’s Holiday Gift Guide

It is once again time to gather with family, partake in valuable traditions and spruce up your aquariums for the holidays.
Marine Depot has made it easy to source what you need to get your fish tank on the nice list. We are stocked up and ready to bring your aquarium inhabitants some holiday cheer.

International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2020 results announced

The Oscars of the Aquascaping world happened yesterday, albeit digitally because the Nature Aquarium Party that should have been was canceled due to Covid-19.

Register now for MACNA 2020 Online! Aug 28-30

Sign up now for MACNA 2020 online, with free events including Women in Reefing Happy Hour and Celebrity Reef Battle

Reef-A-Palooza Chicago now canceled

Following the California and Orlando shows, Reef-A-Palooza Chicago is the latest to cancel the show it was due to hold in October.  RAP Chicago released the following statement on its Facebook page today:  “Due to the continuing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic, and our concern for the continued health and safety for our […]

Reef A Palooza Orlando canceled, this September

The team behind Reef A Palooza Orlando has revealed this week that like California, the Orlando event has been canceled due to Covid-19.  RAP Orlando was due to take place on September 26-27 this year, and everyone hoped that September was far enough into the future for the show to still go-ahead. But Corona Virus […]

New Dates Announced for the AGA 2020 International Aquascaping Contest

The AGA Aquatic Gardeners Association International Aquascaping Contest is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year in August.

Scapers get your IAPLC entries in before May 31

It’s just days now until the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2020 closes for entries.  The IAPLC is the original aquascaping contest and was conceived by the late great Takashi Amano of Aqua Design Amano fame, the godfather of modern aquascaping. The largest aquascaping contest in the world, in its 20th year it now receives […]

MACNA 2020 this August is cancelled due to Covid-19

The Marine Conference of North America has been cancelled. The longest-running marine aquarium conference in the world was meant to be held from August 28-30 in Phoenix AZ this year, but due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, it’s been called off by its organisers.   The MASNA board of directors released the following statement this week: […]

Control Pumps From All Your Favorite Brands With a Single Controller—See The Game-Changing CoralVue Hydros Wave Engine At Reef-A-Palooza Orlando This Weekend

The Hydros Wave Engine allows pumps from different brands to work together to provide an integrated flow management system. You can use a VorTech at one end of your tank and a Maxspect Gyre at the other—and have them work together!

Support Walt Smith’s Efforts to Save Our Oceans with Bula Buddies

Around the world, our oceans and seas are facing severe problems that we’ve never seen before. Our Coral Reefs are not only a source of inspiration but are also a highly valuable and delicate ecosystem.