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The TRANquil Reef life

To call Tran Phan ‘just’ a hobbyist doesn’t seem appropriate for an aquarist with an eye for mesmerizing photos.

Are you Salty or Fresh? Pick a side: Meet Freshwater Hobbyists Ed, Willy and Scott

Meet some freshwater hobbyists from all over that are as passionate about the hobby as any aquarists you have ever met. Some of them have kept reef tanks and find interesting differences between the salty side and staying fresh.

Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build #4: GHL ProfiLux 4 Setup and Mounting

The Red Sea tank in our office here has been cruising for some time now and I know it has been a while since we shared our work on the tank. As of today, the corals and fish are all looking wonderful and really maturing.

The AquaMaxx Prism Proves You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune To Get A Powerful Controllable Reef Light

I am happy with the Prism. The combination of intensity, coloration, controllability, and aesthetics are impressive—especially at this price point. I can’t wait to see how the light performs once I add corals!

AquaMaxx’s Bookshelf-Style Low-Iron Glass Aquariums Will Make You Want To Go Long

Joseph’s back on the blog with a new tank build! Using the big brother of the 12 gallon Long, Joe’s 22 gallon Long rests atop a vintage Bombay Chest he restored himself.

Featured Tank: Garry’s 280 Gallon Reef is PACKED with Gorgeous SPS Corals!

Welcome to another episode of Marine Depot Featured Tanks where we document and present you with a complete overview of some of the coolest and most successful reef tanks we can find.

Connecticut High School Oceanography Students Put An “Algae Reactor” To The Test

Oceanography students at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs, Connecticut help maintain a coral propagation system and learn about coral biology and reef ecology.

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 5: Return Pump Installation + Which Skimmer Should We Use?

Welcome to Episode #5 of our drop-off tank build! Last time, we asked which return pump would work best for our tank and the Reef Octopus VarioS came in with a majority vote.

Red Sea Max Aquariums: Which Tank is Right For You?

Red Sea Max aquariums are among the top searched tanks in our store. With many types of systems to choose from and quality above reproach, Red Sea has an aquarium for just about every aquarist. Are you a hobbyist that prefers the ease of an all-in-one (AIO) system? Or perhaps you prefer a sump for […]

Felicia’s 40 Gallon Breeder Mixed Reef Predator Tank

We are back with another amazing Marine Depot Featured Tank Profile. This 40 gallon breeder is quite unique in that it houses a myriad of corals along alongside some deadly predator fish that most of us are not used to seeing in such a beautiful and thriving reef tank. The tank is proudly owned by […]