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Featured Reef Tank: Cody’s 120 Gallon Zoa Garden

Today we are excited to show you a dazzling 120 gallon zoa-packed reef aquarium from one of our local customers, Cody! Cody is a passionate aquarist with more than 10 years’ experience caring for saltwater tanks. He is a member of several aquarium clubs and organizations, plus a regular contributor to many popular reef-related forums, […]

Marine Depot Featured Tank: CAD Lights Artisan 70 Gallon Reef Tank

About 8 months ago, the awesome folks over at CAD Lights donated a 70 gallon Artisan aquarium for our customer support team to set up and maintain here at our corporate headquarters in Garden Grove, CA. Since then our support team has put together and grown a beautiful reef aquarium. Today we will show you […]

Matt’s Fully Loaded 300 Gallon Mixed Reef Aquarium

Our Featured Tank series has been a big hit so today we have another awesome aquarium to share with you! In this episode, we take a close look at a 300 gallon mixed reef aquarium with one of the most impressive and diverse population of fish we have ever seen in a home aquarium. The […]

Featured Tank: Bret’s Mature 55 Gallon Mixed Reef

With all of the hard work that goes into keeping a reef tank, a certain level of appreciation is found in seeing an established aquarium filled with healthy corals and animals. All of us here at Marine Depot find great satisfaction in hearing and reading about the success of our customers so today we decided […]

My First Saltwater Aquarium (at home): Part 2

After waiting… and waiting… and waiting… my aquarium is finally cycled after about 5 weeks.Cycling is the killjoy of starting up a new fish tank. After you get all hyped up on the build, you’re forced to just sit and wait in the corner like a little kid. Being asked “When are we putting fish […]

My First Saltwater Aquarium (at home): Part 1

After a decade of being surrounded by saltwater aquarium hobbyists, I finally bit the bullet and decided to start a saltwater tank at home.The only time I had a saltwater setup was when we were allowed to have nano tanks on our desks. Those were the good ol’ days! But having one at home… that’s […]

New Tank Build: 38 Gallon Nuvo Aquarium

I have been in the aquarium hobby ever since I was a kid. I always enjoyed helping my dad with his 75 gallon reef setup. I had freshwater tanks growing up until I went to college, where I got my first reef tank. It was a custom acrylic 10 gallon tank with a built in […]

January 2013 Featured Tank: Shaun’s 34-Gallon SPS and Clam Solana

Top down view into our January 2013 Featured Tank. We just posted a new Featured Tank for the first month of 2013, a 34-gallon Current USA Solana featuring a bevy of SPS corals and clams. We’ve included a few photos within this blog post to tease you. To see them all, click here. Acro group […]

Progress on the 54 Gallon Tank

It has been a little while since I have been able to post any updates as work has been, well, crazy for me. Between helping with the upcoming Marine Depot Catalog and writing for the Marine Depot Education Center, my time to get the tank going has been limited. But I have managed to get […]

Customer Featured in Local Media customers Marvin and Belinda Wade were recently featured in their local community magazine, Midlothian Now, showing off their beautiful custom-built home. Of course, what custom-built home would be complete without a custom-built aquarium? According to the article, the Wades’ family room was re-dubbed the “viewing room” after they replaced their 150-gallon tank with a […]