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5 Awesome (and Affordable!) Gifts for Reef Hobbyists

We’ve selected gifts that are economical and useful to anyone with a reef aquarium. If you’re already an aquarist and want to drop a gift hint, just pass this along as a helpful shopping guide!

Filter Media Cup: What YOU Need to Know

If you’ve ever used filter media inside a filter sock you know how water tends to bypass filtration materials like activated carbon and GFO. Maybe you’ve even given up using filter socks leaving your filter frame unused.

Seachem Purigen Ultimate Filtration Media: What YOU Need to Know

SeaChem Purigen is a filtration media designed to remove dissolved and other insoluble substances from aquarium water. Purigen is a specialty adsorbent media in the form of synthetic resin beads.

Tunze Care Bacter 0220.005: What YOU Need to Know

Tunze Carebacter is a bacterial supplement from Tunze used to help manage nutrients in your aquarium.  Each bottle contains a fine gravel substrate covered with several strains of non-pathogenic bacteria.

How to Clean Filter Socks So You Can Reuse Them Over and Over Again

The basic idea of filter socks is that your water will drain through them and the large debris will be pulled out before it moves through your sump or filtration and breakdown into harmful chemicals.

Canister Filters: How to Optimize Performance by Using the Right Filter Media in the Right Order

Can you believe canister filters have been around since the 70s! Today we discuss the pros and cons of canister filters, which types of filter media they can use, plus the order in which to place your media for optimal performance.

Poly Filter Chemical Filter Media Pads: What YOU Need to Know

Cut-to-fit pads absorb and adsorb waste, toxins, and medications. They change color to let you know what type of contaminates are removed. Use inside a power filter, canister filter, or media basket.

SeaChem PhosGuard is a fast-acting and effective way to lower phosphate in a reef tank

If you run a reef tank, chances are that you will also run into phosphates. Phosphate (PO4) is a compound of phosphorus and is an essential trace element in saltwater. It is a nutrient source for corals and algae, a building block for living matter and is present in every reef tank. Phosphate can be […]

Chemi-Pure Blue Filter Media: What YOU Need to Know

Chemi-Pure has long been the go-to product for hobbyists wanting to improve water quality. The Chemi-Pure Blue is the company’s top-of-the-line filtration media that out-performs just about anything else in the market. By combining high quality carbon with specialized ion-exchange resins, Chemi-Pure Blue helps to significantly reduce organics compounds and phosphates while stabilizing pH and […]

Improve water quality naturally with Brightwell Aquatics Xport Biological Filter Media

With so many choices for biological filtration media in a reef tank. It is often difficult to decide what to use. Bio Balls, live rock, ceramic rings, sintered glass there are just so many choices! The new Brightwell Aquatics Xport Bio and Xport NO3 have several advantages that makes them superior filter media and a […]