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Do Algae Scrubbers Outperform Reactors and Refugiums? Yes Says Bryan of Santa Monica Filtration; See Positive Results In 1-3 Weeks

For the past decade, Bryan from Santa Monica Filtration has been perfecting his algae turf scrubbers so hobbyists can achieve natural macroalgal filtration like you’ll find in the world’s oceans, reefs, rivers, and lakes.

We Catch Up With Royce Suzuki of Innovative Marine To Discuss Design, Inspiration, And The Secret To Keeping A Healthy Tank

Innovative Marine is not afraid to take risks with aquarium design. We probed marketing director Royce Suzuki to tell us where their team of 5 former fish store owners draw inspiration from.

Tunze Comline Nano Reefpack 250: What YOU Need to Know

The Reefpack 250 is a complete reef filtration system for reef aquariums up to 65 gallons.  The kit features the German designed and built internal Comline Filter and Comline DOC protein skimmer.

4 Genius Ways to Use a Canister Filter with Your Reef Aquarium

We thought it would be great to show you guys that Canister filters still have some wonderful applications for your reef tank outside of being the main filtration method.

How to Clean Filter Socks So You Can Reuse Them Over and Over Again

The basic idea of filter socks is that your water will drain through them and the large debris will be pulled out before it moves through your sump or filtration and breakdown into harmful chemicals.

The Complete Guide to Hang-On Equipment for Your Reef Tank

Sumps can be bulky, expensive and require a bit of plumbing experience to set up correctly. That is precisely why hang-on style aquarium equipment can be a real lifesaver!

Canister Filters: How to Optimize Performance by Using the Right Filter Media in the Right Order

Can you believe canister filters have been around since the 70s! Today we discuss the pros and cons of canister filters, which types of filter media they can use, plus the order in which to place your media for optimal performance.

Poly Filter Chemical Filter Media Pads: What YOU Need to Know

Cut-to-fit pads absorb and adsorb waste, toxins, and medications. They change color to let you know what type of contaminates are removed. Use inside a power filter, canister filter, or media basket.

Improve water quality naturally with Brightwell Aquatics Xport Biological Filter Media

With so many choices for biological filtration media in a reef tank. It is often difficult to decide what to use. Bio Balls, live rock, ceramic rings, sintered glass there are just so many choices! The new Brightwell Aquatics Xport Bio and Xport NO3 have several advantages that makes them superior filter media and a […]

Tunze Comline Filter 3162: What YOU Need to Know

The Tunze Comline Filter 3162 is an in tank filter that has a number of unique features that make it an excellent, no frills filtration solution for tanks up to 30 gallons.  This all-in-one filter measures 4.3″ x 3.5″ x 10″ and has a strong magnetic mount suitable for glass up to 3/8” thick; it […]