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How to Choose Your Livestock: Buying Fish from a Local Fish Store

Purchasing a new saltwater fish is one of the most exciting parts of owning a marine aquarium. Saltwater fish are incredibly diverse, coming in myriad colors, shapes, and temperaments, meaning there is something for everyone. If you want a bright fuchsia and yellow fish, like a Bartlett’s Anthias or a Royal Gramma, or an invertebrate […]

Clean Up Crew Allstars Part 2: Functional Fish

Having an assorted cleanup crew of invertebrates for your reef aquarium will help keep your rock work and substrate clean, however, there are also some fish that can be considered to play a part in keeping the tank tidy. Here are our staff picks for top reef-safe specimens:

Are you Salty or Fresh? Pick a side: Meet Freshwater Hobbyists Ed, Willy and Scott

Meet some freshwater hobbyists from all over that are as passionate about the hobby as any aquarists you have ever met. Some of them have kept reef tanks and find interesting differences between the salty side and staying fresh.

Larval Sunfish are some of the cutest things in the ocean

Sunfish are the largest bony fish in the world, reaching lengths of ten feet and weighing 5500lbs! But not much is known about the larval stages and trying to identify the five species that visit Australian waters has been difficult until now.  “Super-excitingly we have just genetically identified the first ever larva of the ‘giant […]

Cleanup Crew Allstars Part 1: Invertebrates

An aquarium is a closed system. As you feed your fish, waste builds up. Filtration and water changes help, but one of the best things you can do for a saltwater aquarium is hire a clean up crew (CUC for short).

Scapers get your IAPLC entries in before May 31

It’s just days now until the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2020 closes for entries.  The IAPLC is the original aquascaping contest and was conceived by the late great Takashi Amano of Aqua Design Amano fame, the godfather of modern aquascaping. The largest aquascaping contest in the world, in its 20th year it now receives […]

Sodwana seahorse is the first pygmy to be found off South Africa

A new species of pygmy seahorse has been described from South Africa.  Named Hippocampus nalu, its adult size is less than an inch long and its the first of its kind to be found outside Asia, with its closest known relatives living 5000 miles away. The name “nalu” is a fitting one as its the […]

Corals for Beginners: Cutting your Teeth in Reefkeeping

If you’re new to reef-keeping and considering starting your own reef tank, you’re probably wondering, “What corals should I get? The corals we are talking about today are some of our favorites when it comes to hardy corals that are also easy on the eyes, making them ideal corals for beginners.

Trimming your stem plants like a professional. An illustrated tutorial.

Often fast-growing, stem plants are the aquatic plant of choice for the background or the middle of a tank. They require a substrate to root into and under good water quality and nutrient balance, these plants will soon grow a new root system and grow tall.

Freshwater Aquarium Disease Prevention, Recognition and Treatment

Hobbyists who take proper care of their aquariums will rarely encounter sick fish but there is no guarantee that you will never have to treat your fish for a disease. Almost all health problems can be avoided by maintaining proper water chemistry and pristine water quality, feeding a varied diet of high-quality fish foods, providing fish with an optimum habitat and suitable tank mates.