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Buying a Healthy Coral Frag: A Beginners Guide

Buying corals for your reef can sometimes be a tough decision. Here are a few signs to look out for to help you choose a healthy coral.

Lighting a Freshwater Planted Aquarium… Properly

Planted aquariums need good lighting to support plant growth. There are many types of aquarium light fixtures, but which are suitable for raising freshwater plants?

Beginner Fish for the Freshwater Aquarium

Check out our top 10 picks and some honorable mentions of beginner fish for the freshwater aquarium that are hardy and easy to keep.

How to Dip Coral – Don’t Risk It! Dip It!

So… Why dip? Both wild and cultured corals can carry pests and diseases. Just like fish, coral can be stressed and killed from parasites if left unchecked.

How To: Cycle a Freshwater Aquarium with Dr. Tim’s

Before we get started we should first understand why a tank should be cycled, and then apply that knowledge in how to cycle a freshwater aquarium.

How to Frag and Mount Coral

It is a great practice when replanting them, saving a dying colony, trading with others, or creating a side hustle from it for an extra dose of income.

Asian Hillstream loaches can walk on all four limbs on land

A recent study has found that some Asian Hillstream loaches have the ability to walk on their fins. There are several well-known “walking fish” including the aptly named Walking Catfish and Climbing Perch, although those species use much more of a swimming motion when crossing land, only gaining grip with their pectoral fins in the […]

Eviota amphipora is a new species of dwarf goby from Papua New Guinea

Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea is proving to be quite the marine biodiversity hotspot as another species of goby has been found and described from there. Named Eviota amphipora, this fish is absolutely tiny with the type specimen measuring just 9.8mm/ 0.39”

Betta nuluhon is a new species of Fighting fish from Borneo

A new freshwater fish species has been described in the scientific journal Zootaxa. Found in Sabah state it is now one of five endemic Betta species, and one of 700 known fish species on the island of Borneo, half of which occur nowhere else on earth. Its name “nuluhon” means hill in the Dusun language […]

International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2020 results announced

The Oscars of the Aquascaping world happened yesterday, albeit digitally because the Nature Aquarium Party that should have been was canceled due to Covid-19.