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Wrasse Species Spotlight – What to Know about Keeping Them

When it comes to adding color to your fish tank, Wrasses are an excellent option. In the wild they are considered a very diverse group of fish that can be found along shallow reefs as well as at significant depths. In this article, I will talk about some of the more common wrasse species found […]

Top Causes of Fish Death in the Aquarium

Few fish die of old age and many fish die shortly after they’ve been added to the tank. But why? In this article we discuss some of the top reasons fish die and what can be done to prevent it.

Fish Coloration: Affects and Getting the Most Out of It

Fish have an almost endless variety of color, hues and patterns, but ever wonder why fish lose coloration? In this article we discuss some of the main causes of color loss and how to prevent it from happening.

Dealing with Aggressive Tank Mates when Introducing a New Fish

Mirrors? Acclimation boxes? Feeding? How do you deal with tank bullies when introducing a new fish? Here are a few methods we at MD and many aquarists have used to reduce the aggression.

How to Downsize to a Smaller Tank: Tips and Pointers

Whatever the reason may be, a downsize to a smaller tank is sometimes needed. So Team MD has put together a few tips and guideline to help make the transition a little easier.

Shedding Light on Paludariums: The Best of Both Worlds

Paludariums are a blend of both an aquatic and a terrestrial ecosystem. This fascinating combination allows fish, aquatic plants, terrestrial plants, amphibians, crustaceans, and even reptiles to cohabit in one unique display. Here we discuss some tips, shedding light on paludariums.

The Best Saltwater Aquarium Fish For Beginners:

With many activities currently on hold, there is no better time to get started in the saltwater aquarium hobby. Maybe you have seen those extravagant tanks at your public aquarium. However, if you are just starting out, it doesn’t take much to create a stunning aquarium that you can be proud of. It is possible […]

Better Betta Care: Tips and Tank Set Up

People debate how to properly care for a Betta across the globe. Here are a few tips to get you set up, giving your Betta better care.

Venomous – Proceed with Caution

Sharp fins, venomous spines – oh my! Did you know that some available species of fish can pack a punch? Here we discuss some of the top venomous species you can find in the hobby – proceed with caution.

Beginner Fish for the Freshwater Aquarium

Check out our top 10 picks and some honorable mentions of beginner fish for the freshwater aquarium that are hardy and easy to keep.