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Aquaculture’s Success Proven with a Juvenile Cortez Angel at Quality Marine

Quality Marine just dropped the news that a captive-bred Cortez Angelfish has landed and we could not be more thrilled to hear about yet another aquaculture success that surely will someday be the future of our hobby.

The Flashiest of Wrasses: The McCosker’s Wrasse!

Our very own Felicia recounts her experience with a pair of McCosker’s Flasher Wrasses she helped get going in her parent’s home aquarium and points out some of the critical but not-so-obvious care requirements for this impressive fish.

Ian M. Tepoot Tells Us About Fish Food Ingredients, How New Life International Earned The Trust of The California Academy of Sciences, and How Aquarium Hobbyists Anthropomorphize Their Fishes’ Diet

New Life International creates some of the most popular pellet foods in the world for the fish we keep in our aquariums. We speak to company president Ian M. Tepoot about their New Life Spectrum lineup of foods and discuss ingredients, efficacy, diet, and why so many trusted institutions feed their aquarium fish NLS.

Starting Your First Saltwater Aquarium? Here Are The Top 5 Best Beginner Saltwater Fish

If you are new to saltwater fishkeeping, you’ll want to start off with fish that are hardy, easy to care for, and adapt to aquarium life well. There are plenty of species which are both beautiful to look at, and some of them even help to keep your aquarium clean! Here are our Top 5 fish for beginning hobbyists!

We Talk to Julian Sprung About His First Aquarium, Growing Algae To Filter Water, And The #1 Mistake Most Hobbyists Make

Julian Sprung is one of our favorite writers about all things aquaria. He co-founded a company you probably know called Two Little Fishies in 1991 to publish books about the hobby and create practical products many of us at Marine Depot use every day on our tanks.

Secrets For Success: Rules You Should Follow To Keep Your Seahorse Aquarium Thriving

So you’re interested in seahorses? It’s easy to see why! Keeping seahorses is not more difficult than keeping a reef aquarium, it’s just different. If you have reefkeeping experience, you will need to unlearn some of what you know and follow a set of seahorse specific rules.

Are Organic, Natural, and Live Foods a Gimmick or a Smarter Way To Feed Your Fish and Corals?

Everyone’s excited about natural and organic food these days, and with good reason. This trend has recently made its way into the aquarium hobby. We’re excited to see food makers roll out innovative foods with less additives and more natural ingredients.

Reef-A-Palooza Roundup: A Water Testing Robot, Apex Control with Alexa, More Natural Rock Shapes, and Speaker Recaps

Join us for a look at exciting new products, expert speaker recaps, a behind-the-scenes visit to a coral farm, and more! See highlights from the 2018 show in this 6-minute episode.

Musings on ReefStock’s Q&A Session With Vincent Chalias and Jake Adams: A Panel Discussion Featuring 9 Industry Professionals

We sent 6 questions the audience asked marine biologist Vincent Chalias and journalist Jake Adams at ReefStock 2018 to a group of aquarium industry professionals to get their opinions on a variety of topics.

AlgaGen’s Erik Stenn Tells Us Why We Should Feed PhycoPure SeaPro, The First Living Frozen Phytoplankton, To Our Reef Tanks—And Teases More Live Frozen Foods May Be Coming

PhycoPure SeaPro is a live algae culture delivered to you in “suspended animation.” Once thawed, the phytoplankton instantly become alive in your reef tank! Phytoplankton is a vital part of the food chain.