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The Walt Smith Story: His Rich History in the Marine Aquarium Hobby and the A.D.E. Project

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with industry pioneer Walt Smith about his Aquaculture Development for the Environment (A.D.E.) Project and rich history in the marine aquarium hobby.

Crikey! 5 New Species From Australia Introduced to the Reef Hobby By Quality Marine

Perhaps the most unusual introduction is the Green Walking Dendro Coral (Heteropsammia cochlea). Walking Dendro Coral look similar to Duncan or Whisker Coral, but this coral moves around the aquarium!

A Conversation About Clams With Professor, Columnist, and Author James Fatherree

James Fatherree is a professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He has been a reef aquarist and diver for 20+ years. He’s also a columnist and author of books including Giant Clams in the Sea and the Aquarium.

New Year, New Aquacultured Fish Available: Captive-Bred Koran Angelfish!

Quality Marine announced availability of aquacultured juvenile Koran angelfish! They have the beautiful semi-circle pattern of wild-caught specimens but are hardier and readily adapt to aquarium life.

Do Algae Scrubbers Outperform Reactors and Refugiums? Yes Says Bryan of Santa Monica Filtration; See Positive Results In 1-3 Weeks

For the past decade, Bryan from Santa Monica Filtration has been perfecting his algae turf scrubbers so hobbyists can achieve natural macroalgal filtration like you’ll find in the world’s oceans, reefs, rivers, and lakes.

Yeehaw! Hardier Aquacultured Tiger Tail Seahorses Now Available from Quality Marine

Tiger Tails have been successfully aquacultured in Vietnam for export to the aquarium trade. Wild-caught seahorses are considered difficult to care for. However, with proper care aquacultured Tiger Tails will thrive in captivity.

Aquacultured, Captive-Bred Bluestripe Pipefish Now Available From Quality Marine

Exciting news! Quality Marine now has aquacultured, captive-bred Bluestripe Pipefish. This means the fish will not be taken from the reef, but tank-raised and acclimated to aquarium conditions and commercial foods.

IT’S A TRAP! Robert Catches A Wrasse With The Aqua Medic Fish Trap

While compatibility among particular fish species and tank size requirements are well documented, many of us run into situations in which a fish needs to be removed from our aquarium.

Spotlight on a Collector’s Dream Fish: The Rare and Striking Zebra Tang

As commanding of price and status as the gorgeous Gem Tang, the Zebra Tang is found in the waters of Mauritius and also Madagascar, Reunion and the Comoro Islands.

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 7: Light Installation + Which Wavemakers Should We Use?

In today’s episode, we hang the light you picked and customize the color, intensity, and light schedule. We also introduce our first fish and corals in this episode, so don’t miss it!