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The Rare and Striking Monsoon Fairy Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus

One of the most exciting new wrasses to become available to hobbyists is the Monsoon Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus). Unique color combinations help to distinguish it from close relatives

3 New Aquacultured Chrysiptera Damsels Now Available

Small and active, these fish provide a splash of color in any aquarium. Personalities can vary with some being rather territorial and aggressive, while others are peaceful tankmates.

The Very Rare Anampses lennardi Makes a Comeback

The Lennard’s Wrasse (Anampses lennardi) is an extremely rare and beautiful wrasse that has not been imported into the United State for many years. Check out these pics!

Nano Fish: Small Size, BIG Personalities

So many choices, so much temptation. How do you choose which fish would love your nano tank? I have had the privilege of having a small variety of nano fish species in my tank. Size and looks are not the only consideration when choosing fish. Diet, compatibility and personality are equally important. This article will […]

How to Care for SPS Corals by Robert Farnsworth

Within the reef aquarium hobby, you often hear the terms soft corals, LPS and SPS used to identify different groups of corals. Grouping corals in this fashion is useful because it not only describes the coral itself, but also helps aquarium hobbyists understand what a particular coral will need from us (lighting, placement, flow, parameters, etc.) in order to survive. If […]

Starfish for Marine Reef Aquariums By Robert Farnsworth, Reef Squad

Starfish or Sea Stars are one of the more unique and intriguing specimens found in reef aquaria. Whether you are a seasoned hobbyist or beginner, you are most likely familiar with these stars of the sea. They are available in a variety of brilliant colors and can perform a critical function in your reef aquarium. […]