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How To: Cycle a Freshwater Aquarium with Dr. Tim’s

Understand why a tank should be cycled, and how to do it.

Cleaning Components of Your Aquarium Based on Material Type

We’ll break down the best ways to clean components of your aquarium, based on the type of material it’s made of.

How to Prevent Red Slime in a Saltwater Aquarium

A few tips on how to prevent red slime in the aquarium.

Red Sea reduce plastic waste with new 20-kilo 160-gallon salt boxes

Red Sea salt needs no introduction and is one of the most used aquarium salt brands in the world. Available in two types, Red Sea Salt and Coral Pro have traditionally only been available in buckets, but now they’ve introduced a 20.1kg, ultra-compact cardboard box for those who don’t want or need the plastic bucket […]

Get picky with Maxspect Coral Tweezers

Tweezers are popular in the aquascaping community but the problem with stainless steel tweezers is that they rust when used in saltwater. By contrast, most reefers only have large cumbersome grabbers on offer, until now.

Sicce Pump Clean will restore pumps crusted up with coraline

We marine aquarists don’t clean our pumps anything like enough, instead letting them wear and crust up with calcium deposits and coraline algae. But with a pump cleaner like Sicce’s new Pump Clean aquarium equipment cleaner pumps that looked ready for the trash can be brought back from the dead and look and perform like new.

How to Clean Sand or Gravel for the Aquarium

Dirty substrate before and after it is placed in the aquarium can be fixed easily. Here are a few tips on how to clean sand or gravel for the aquarium.

Testing Out the New Hanna PH Checker

I was excited when I heard that Hanna was releasing this new device. Luckily, I was offered a sample Hanna Marine pH checker HC to take home and had fun using it with my 29 gallon reef aquarium.

Lose the sinking feeling with Tunze Care Booster Algae Magnet Cleaner Floats

The most notable advance in algae magnets must surely be the invention of the floating magnet. Before that, if the two magnets came apart the wet side would plummet to the bottom of the tank, meaning a wet arm to retrieve it. Mag-Float changed all that and we’ve all had drier arms ever since.  So […]

Hanna announce long-awaited Low Range Marine Nitrate tester

At last, the one we’ve all been waiting for, the Marine Nitrate Low Range Handheld Colorimeter from Hanna Instruments is finally here. One of the last pieces in the Hanna Marine Line puzzle, this quick and easy to use test offers reliable nitrate readings. Now we’ll be able to accurately monitor nitrate levels at home […]