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Testing Out the New Hanna PH Checker

I was excited when I heard that Hanna was releasing this new device. Luckily, I was offered a sample Hanna Marine pH checker HC to take home and had fun using it with my 29 gallon reef aquarium.

Lose the sinking feeling with Tunze Care Booster Algae Magnet Cleaner Floats

The most notable advance in algae magnets must surely be the invention of the floating magnet. Before that, if the two magnets came apart the wet side would plummet to the bottom of the tank, meaning a wet arm to retrieve it. Mag-Float changed all that and we’ve all had drier arms ever since.  So […]

Hanna announce long-awaited Low Range Marine Nitrate tester

At last, the one we’ve all been waiting for, the Marine Nitrate Low Range Handheld Colorimeter from Hanna Instruments is finally here. One of the last pieces in the Hanna Marine Line puzzle, this quick and easy to use test offers reliable nitrate readings. Now we’ll be able to accurately monitor nitrate levels at home […]

Cleanup Crew Allstars Part 1: Invertebrates

An aquarium is a closed system. As you feed your fish, waste builds up. Filtration and water changes help, but one of the best things you can do for a saltwater aquarium is hire a clean up crew (CUC for short).

Reefkeeping During the Apocalypse

Ever find yourself in the apocalypse and still trying to maintain your precious, precious SPS?  Well good luck.  We put together our top tips for how you can keep your reef alive and thriving at during the world’s end.  Good luck and happy hunting!

Trimming your stem plants like a professional. An illustrated tutorial.

Often fast-growing, stem plants are the aquatic plant of choice for the background or the middle of a tank. They require a substrate to root into and under good water quality and nutrient balance, these plants will soon grow a new root system and grow tall.

Coral Rx and Quarantine, Keeping your Coral Critter Free!

When keeping a reef tank in your home, many variables have to be managed. One variable that can easily be managed

Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter Start XLM. Bacteria for Quick Marine Tank Startups!

Professional 15x strength live tank starter nitrifying bioculture for rapidly cycling new marine fish and reef aquaria and brackish aquariums, and for recovering from overcrowding or disasters where the bacteria bed has been damaged or when adding new fish.

Must Have Fragging Tools From Maxspect

Fragging corals is one of the most important, yet most overlooked aspects of our hobby.  Whether you are finally cutting down your giant acropora or adding your new frags to your tank, having the right fragging tools can make your life much easier.  Thankfully Maxspect has a few fragging tools that can make this chore […]

Why Testing Aquarium pH is Important

One of the most frequently tested and important parameters in aquariums is pH. Whether you are keeping Discus, African Cichlids, or reef aquariums testing and monitoring your aquarium pH is crucial for success.  This short overview will help anyone who is new to testing pH in aquariums – or anyone who is having trouble with their testing – to better understand […]