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5 Ways to Protect Your Aquarium (and Family) from Contamination

Today we are going to look at some common household factors that can have major effects on your aquarium and talk about how your tank can affect your household.

4 Genius Ways to Use a Canister Filter with Your Reef Aquarium

We thought it would be great to show you guys that Canister filters still have some wonderful applications for your reef tank outside of being the main filtration method.

How to Clean Filter Socks So You Can Reuse Them Over and Over Again

The basic idea of filter socks is that your water will drain through them and the large debris will be pulled out before it moves through your sump or filtration and breakdown into harmful chemicals.

Cool Aquarium Products You May Not Know About, But Should! – VOLUME 1

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite unique and helpful aquarium tools you may not even know even existed which are certain to make your life and maintaining a tank a easier.

How to Test Calcium in Your Aquarium with a Hanna Calcium Checker

Calcium should be checked weekly at minimum, and every time you add or remove any organisms from your tank. The Hanna Calcium Checker generates an accurate digital readout in PPM.

5 Effective Ways to Control Algae in Reef Aquariums

We all struggle with algae problems in our reef tanks. Algae are an essential part of the aquarium’s food chain and ecosystem. It’s impossible to eliminate algae from our reef tanks but we can take steps to keep algae under control. The idea is to maintain the right natural balance so algae cannot take over […]

Innovative Marine’s new MicroMag is Tiny but Tough on Algae

  Tired of unsightly algae clouding the view into your aquarium? We hear you! Scraping the glass has become a daily routine for many aquarists. If you have to clean your glass once every other day, consider yourself lucky! What about the corners that never get properly cleaned because the larger magnet cleaner just can’t […]

Portal Algae Magnet with Magnifying Lenses: What YOU Need to Know

This little device is a clever magnified viewing portal that allows you to view incredible details in your aquarium and cleans your aquarium walls! The 4” diameter magnifying lens magnetically mounts to the wall of your tank and the inside portion of the magnetically coupled device contains cleaning pads that will remove algae as you […]

Korallin Bio-Denitrator: The Ultimate Low-Maintenance Nitrate Reducer

What is it? How does it work? Does it… work? These are some of the frequent questions we are asked when the Korallin Bio-Denitrator is brought up in our phone conversations with our customers. What is it?   It is just about the most hands-free and most-effective denitrifying filter available for your aquarium. While Bio-Pellets […]

Aquarium Maintenance Software for Saltwater and Freshwater Tanks

A new resource is now available to help aid in routine fish tank maintenance’s such as checking water parameters, monitoring livestock behavior and growth, and keeping track of your aquariums monthly and fixed expenses. This new resource is a free online program called Reefware. What is Reefware? Reefware is currently a free online tool that allows […]