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Download Aquarium Maintenance Software

Our friends over at Aquarists Online posted an article yesterday entitled Aquarium Software To Assist You With Your Aquarium Maintenance. That pretty much sums up the post, so no need to regurgitate Pete’s helpful info. Suffice to say he puts a nice little list together. He also notes that some are free and some are […]

General Aquarium Maintenance by Keith MacNeil, a Marine Depot Staff Member

Once your saltwater aquarium has fully cycled, it is vitally important to setup a maintenance schedule and routine to help maintain a stable environment within your tank. Regular maintenance includes water changes, water testing, algae scrubbing and dosing additives and/or supplements. In this article, you will learn how often to perform these maintenance chores for […]

Protein Skimmers & Protein Skimming

Along with the use of live rock, protein skimming or foam fractionation, which is the proper technical term, has revolutionized the keeping of marine animals. The underlying principle is quite simple in that all that is really necessary is for water to pass along a column of air. This process utilizes the unique properties of […]

Reef Tank Maintenance, Part 2

The easiest measurement to take and the one most often overlooked is temperature. A good temperature range is 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperature will allow more room for error, as most biological processes will occur at a slower rate than they would at a higher temperature. A higher temperature’s advantage is that it may […]

Reef Tank Maintenance, Part 1

Setting up a tank and getting it to run successfully is fun and exciting. Maintaining it properly is neither fun nor exciting, but it is crucial to the long-term health and success of the tank and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, the mundane task of maintenance is an often-overlooked aspect of a successful tank. While maintaining a […]

How to Restore a Neglected Tank by Mike Paletta

Due to vacations, other recreational activities and lack of time, our tanks may no longer look their best. When this happens we generally notice that a lot has happened to the tank that needs improving. Algae may be a little thicker, the water may not be as clear and the corals may not be as […]

Water Changes (In Detail)

The topic of water changes for a saltwater aquarium is still a topic that generates a great deal of debate. Part of this is due no doubt to wishful thinking, part due to claims by some hobbyists that they have never done a water change and part due to there being no hard and fast […]