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A Little Introduction to the Walstad Planted Aquarium Method

Also referred to as the “dirted” style of planted tanks, the Walstad Method is a low-tech method to keeping a thriving aquarium using organic processes of the ecosystem within.

Asian Hillstream loaches can walk on all four limbs on land

A recent study has found that some Asian Hillstream loaches have the ability to walk on their fins. There are several well-known “walking fish” including the aptly named Walking Catfish and Climbing Perch, although those species use much more of a swimming motion when crossing land, only gaining grip with their pectoral fins in the […]

3D printed products are the future of reefkeeping

When it comes to reefkeeping, technology is a wonderful thing. It helps us power and control our tanks, helps us communicate and learn, and even notifies us if there’s a problem.

Reef Factory TDS meter sends alerts by Wi-Fi

Reef Factory is a new marine tech enterprise producing smart devices for reef aquariums. Its product line-up includes LED lighting, dosing pump, heater control, level control, and others, with the main feature being that all are controlled via Wi-Fi on an app, and none have to be plugged into a main brain as they are […]

Whale sharks have armor on their eyes

A research article in the scientific journal PLOS ONE found that Whale sharks have jagged, teeth-like scales on their eyes for extra protection when cruising through the oceans. Known as dermal denticles, Sharks have them all over their bodies to reduce drag (instead of normal fish scales,) but this was the first time that an […]

Freshwater Fish Conservation Program Manager wanted for wildlife charity

Global Wildlife Conservation is recruiting for someone to develop, manage and lead SHOAL in the US, and work to help prevent freshwater fish extinctions. “We are very excited to share a new opportunity, the partnership announced on its website. “Based in the US, Global Wildlife Conservation is hiring a new Freshwater Fish Program Manager in […]

IceCap Pod Habitat is a tiny box of potential

When you first look at the IceCap Pod Habitat you can’t help thinking its something that’s just been made for the sake of it. Copepods don’t naturally live in neat little tower blocks, and surely there’s something natural or already existing in your aquarium system which will do the same job? But the more you […]

Giant isopod poops for the first time in two years

Staff at the Toba Aquarium, Japan, have found faecal matter in their giant isopod tank. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that they haven’t seen a trace of poop in over two years, and these giant deepwater Pillbugs can go without food for six! Toba has been taking care […]

So, you think you’re an influencer? Meet Hope, the Turtle.

Hope was born with an exposed heart. There isn’t a diagnosis for it in turtles but it’s called ectopia cordis in humans.

Earth Day and How the Aquarium Hobby is Becoming Sustainable

Earth Day is here again! Did you know the aquarium trade, along with aquarist enthusiasm, have transformed aquarium-keeping into a very Earth-friendly hobby? Here are just a few examples.