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Cool Aquarium Products You May Not Know About, But Should! – VOLUME 2

Today we’ll be shedding light on clever products that you may not have known even existed. We’re confident these selections will make your aquarium maintenance easier and your tank healthier in 2018.

We Speak With Rod Buehler About The Fresh Human-Grade Ingredients in Rod’s Food

We chat with Rod Buehler of Rod’s Food about the gourmet ingredients in his foods, clownfish breeding, coral farming, philanthropy, education, and the cool retro design of his product packaging!

Never Kill Coral Again: Curiosities From MACNA 2017

Smooth-On is a company that makes kits for the do-it-yourself sculptor. So why were they at MACNA? Using molds and colors, it is possible to make an entire reef complete with live rock replica and corals.

New Marine Depot Staff Member Junior’s First Months on The Job Were a Trial By Fire

I was intrigued but quite overwhelmed. Terms like protein skimmer, sump, refugium, copepods, and ATO, Kalkwasser were completely foreign to me and were tossed around like everybody on staff was an aquarium curator.

A Fever in Our Oceans: A Chat with Zack Rago of Chasing Coral

Read our wide-ranging interview with Zackery Rago of the hit NextFlix documentary Chasing Coral! We discuss climate change, activism, and how aquarists are a driving force for innovation.

IT’S A TRAP! Robert Catches A Wrasse With The Aqua Medic Fish Trap

While compatibility among particular fish species and tank size requirements are well documented, many of us run into situations in which a fish needs to be removed from our aquarium.

Connecticut High School Oceanography Students Put An “Algae Reactor” To The Test

Oceanography students at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs, Connecticut help maintain a coral propagation system and learn about coral biology and reef ecology.

5 Ways to Protect Your Aquarium (and Family) from Contamination

Today we are going to look at some common household factors that can have major effects on your aquarium and talk about how your tank can affect your household.

Spotlight on a Collector’s Dream Fish: The Rare and Striking Zebra Tang

As commanding of price and status as the gorgeous Gem Tang, the Zebra Tang is found in the waters of Mauritius and also Madagascar, Reunion and the Comoro Islands.

Fish Facts with Quality Marine, Episode 2 – Dragonets

Today we’ll show you 5 eye-catching Dragonets! We’ll discuss tank requirements, selection, compatibility, feeding, and more to help you care for these lovely little fish in your aquarium.