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Marine Depot Financing Now Available — Pay Over Time in Fixed Monthly Installments!

Marine Depot is super excited to announce an all-new, flexible way to pay for your aquarium supplies through our partnership with Affirm. Hobbyists will now be able to own the equipment of their dreams with the option to pay over time!

Cool Aquarium Products You May Not Know About, But Should! – VOLUME 1

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite unique and helpful aquarium tools you may not even know even existed which are certain to make your life and maintaining a tank a easier.

Oceanexus Frag Racks: What YOU Need to Know

What makes this coral frag rack different is the cool slotted design which allows you to slide the plugs around the rack to more easily accommodate different corals as they grow larger and need more room.

Majano Wand Aiptasia and Majano Eliminator: What YOU Need to Know

Aiptasia and majano anemones multiply quickly and can take over an aquarium. The Majano Wand disintegrates these pests. Just touch the anemone with the tip of the wand and press the button.

AquaMaxx Reef Welder: Build a Bonsai Tree, Glue Frags to Rock, or Repair a Cracked Skimmer

If you are tired of stinky epoxy sticks that make your skimmer go crazy or gluing your fingers together with coral glue, give AquaMaxx Reef Welder a try!

Two Litte Fishies Pouch Feeder: What YOU Need to Know

Feeding seaweed is a great way to accommodate the herbivorous fish in your aquarium such as Tangs and Angelfish.  The Two Little Fishies pouch feeder is an awesome little device that securely holds sheets of seaweed to promote natural grazing habits and keep the seaweed from breaking down in your tank and entering your filtration […]

How to Introduce Copepods into your Reef Aquarium

I find that one of the most fascinating aspects of keeping a reef aquarium is the immense diversity of organisms that grow and thrive in your reef tank.  This extreme biodiversity really helps a tank to thrive. Bacteria, algae, small crustaceans, tiny starfish and worms are all present in a reef tank and can play […]

How to turn your FOWLR Aquarium into a (deluxe!) Reef Tank

We are often asked, “What would you do if it were your tank?”…… well today we are going to show you just that.  A few weeks back we showed you guys how to set up a simple fish only system.  If you missed that video, you can find a link on our video description below.  […]

How to Choose a Properly Sized Return Pump for Your Saltwater Aquarium

With such a vast number of brands and sizes available, it can be difficult to choose the right pump. For saltwater aquariums, the general rule is 5 times to 10 times turnover for the aquarium. So if you have a 50 gallon aquarium, you will want a return pump that is capable of delivering 250 […]

How to build a FOWLR Aquarium (fish only with live rock)

Although it is tempting to start with a small aquarium because of the lower start-up cost, you often pay for it in the long run. With small tanks, it is much more difficult to maintain stable water parameters and for this reason fish loss and a frustration are all too common with new hobbyists. We […]