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How to Care for Tridacna Clams in Your Saltwater Aquarium

Recently, we got some new giant clams here at Marine Depot and are going to show you everything you need to know to acclimate and care for a giant clam in your reef tank. When choosing a clam, it is best to get select a larger clam. Smaller clams are typically more difficult to keep […]

How to Set Up a Refugium Inside Your Sump

Refugiums are great because they provide a means to export waste and nutrients and also provide a safe haven for small, beneficial organisms to grow and reproduce. These small creatures, including copepods, amphipods and other ‘bugs’ which thrive in a refugium will help to devour leftover food and detritus. As some of these ‘bugs’ will […]

Biological Filtration: How to Grow Beneficial Bacteria for a Thriving Ecosystem in your Aquarium

I am sure most of you are familiar with cycling an aquarium. If not, check out this video. Cycling your aquarium is so crucial because it allows time for beneficial bacteria to grow in your aquarium and establish your biological filtration. In this video we are going to discuss biological filtration and provide you with […]

How to Get the Most From Your Aquarium Probes: Introducing the Innovative Marine CustomCradle

We just got word Innovative Marine is releasing a probe holder like you’ve never seen before. The CustomCradle is compatible with all current probes on the market, including the Neptune Systems Apex temperature probe. The CustomCradle organizes your devices in the most simple and efficient way possible. CustomCradle XL Here some of the convenient features […]

How To Mix Saltwater for Your Reef Aquarium

Through the evolution of keeping a reef tank, one thing that stays consistent is the need to perform water changes. Water changes remove waste and replenish the necessary elements your tanks inhabitants need to grow and thrive. Many of us start by purchasing saltwater from a local fish store for water changes, which does have […]

Emergency Preparedness: How to Keep Your Aquarium Inhabitants Alive During a Power Outage

Thorough planning and using quality equipment can prevent many hardships and avoid a lot of headaches when caring for a reef aquarium. Regardless of how much you spend on your equipment or how much you plan ahead there is one thing that can crash an aquarium quicker than anything and that is losing electricity that […]

Fish Traps: How to catch aquarium fish like a PRO

Over my years of keeping fish, something I have most definitely learned to be true is that fish have personality. Every fish is different and sometimes it is important to learn the habits and temperaments of your fish in order to provide them with the right type of care. Sometimes, you come across a fish […]

Two Little Fishies AquaStik Epoxy Putty: Versatile and Easy To Use… Have you Tried It Yet?

Having been the hobby for some time, it’s remarkable how many different types of “glues” I have learned to use. I’ve tried cyano acrylate, silicone glue, plastic epoxy, PCV cement, acrylic adhesive and two-part epoxies. Two Little Fishies AquaStik is a two-party epoxy and among the handy glues I’ve tested. It is great for attaching corals, […]

Nano Fish: Small Size, BIG Personalities

So many choices, so much temptation. How do you choose which fish would love your nano tank? I have had the privilege of having a small variety of nano fish species in my tank. Size and looks are not the only consideration when choosing fish. Diet, compatibility and personality are equally important. This article will […]

CaribSea Rubble Zone: A better frag disc—and so much more!

Personally, I have never been a fan of frag plugs and frag discs. They look great in frag tanks being displayed with other frags, but they’ve always been eyesores when placed in a reef tank. As many of my corals were purchased as frags, there are definitely too many frag plugs and frag discs in […]