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Majano Wand Aiptasia & Majano Anemone Eliminator Product Demo

Aiptasia and majano anemones are common pests that hitchhike on live rock or coral into saltwater aquariums. The Majano Wand is a cool new tool hobbyists can use to rid their tanks of these pesky anemones once and for all. Push the button as you stick the needle in and out and on and over […]

Setting up a Biopellet Reactor By Murray W. Camp

So, you just purchased a new biopellet reactor. Congratulations! You may be saying to yourself: “what do I do now”? Hopefully, this article will answer some of your questions. What are biopellets? “Biopellets” are beads or pellets of a solid plastic, used in an upflow reactor, for nutrient control. The basic idea behind this methodology is that […]

Top 7 Live Rock Hitchhikers by Robert Farnsworth, Reef Squad

If you have ever set up, maintained or even researched marine aquaria, I am sure you are aware of live rock and its role in this hobby. Live rock is generally a piece of reef rock (ancient dead corals) that is pulled directly from wild reefs or culture facilities. It is then boxed and immediately shipped to […]

Reef Necessities, 8/26/08

Welcome to Reef Necessities, the first in a new series of posts focused on products that are essential to the reef aquarium hobbyist. First up: Mr. Sticky’s Underwater Glue. So why, you ask, is Mr. Sticky’s a “reef necessity?” Because it can be used underwater to seal cracks in glass and acrylic aquariums. This is […]

Aiptasia-X performs X-actly as Advertised

There is a buzz in the reef aquarium community surrounding the release of Red Sea’s new pest anemone treatment, Aiptasia-X. What seems to be on everyone’s mind is, “Does this stuff really work? I mean really, really work?” I’ve read the forums. I’ve spoken with fellow reefers. It isn’t skepticism. We’ve simply tried other aiptasia […]

Coral Propagation 101

Materials Needed: Propagation Tank or Vat (48X24X8) and Berlin Sump Light Source (Ice Cap 400W MH DE HQI) Flow and Water Movement (Return Mag 5 + (2) Hydor Koralia 3 Chiller (Aqua Logic 1/5th) Calcium Reactor (Korallin C1502) Protein Skimmer (Euro Reef RS 135) Bigger the better! Egg Crate, PVC, PVC Glue, and tools/materials Medication […]

Lighting: What To Know Before You Buy

Before you purchase a light fixture for your aquarium there are a few items you should know.  By understanding these items it will help you make a more educated and appropriate choice for lighting your aquarium. Understanding the different types of lights/bulbs available: The most popular and common types of fixtures available to light your aquarium […]