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Forging a Better Future For Coral Reefs

Reef aquariums have come a long way in a very short amount of time. Whether it’s the technology behind them or the plethora of information continuing to enter the hobby. We all want to create an aquarium that can give viewers a glimpse into what a thriving natural coral reef looks like. While general interest […]

Join Marine Depot in recovering plastic from the Ocean by simply using OceanHero Search Engine.

What does a search engine have to do with cleaning the Ocean of plastic? OceanHero is a search engine that uses your internet searches and works towards the goal of cleaning plastic from the ocean. It costs you nothing, they are not asking for a donation. Their business model is simple and is based upon […]


It’s no secret that a reverse system is considered essential for reef-keeping. It’s just not worth the risk to use unfiltered tap water in your reef aquarium. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Puratek RODI filters are back!

Asian Hillstream loaches can walk on all four limbs on land

A recent study has found that some Asian Hillstream loaches have the ability to walk on their fins. There are several well-known “walking fish” including the aptly named Walking Catfish and Climbing Perch, although those species use much more of a swimming motion when crossing land, only gaining grip with their pectoral fins in the […]

Eviota amphipora is a new species of dwarf goby from Papua New Guinea

Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea is proving to be quite the marine biodiversity hotspot as another species of goby has been found and described from there. Named Eviota amphipora, this fish is absolutely tiny with the type specimen measuring just 9.8mm/ 0.39”

Betta nuluhon is a new species of Fighting fish from Borneo

A new freshwater fish species has been described in the scientific journal Zootaxa. Found in Sabah state it is now one of five endemic Betta species, and one of 700 known fish species on the island of Borneo, half of which occur nowhere else on earth. Its name “nuluhon” means hill in the Dusun language […]

Register now for MACNA 2020 Online! Aug 28-30

Sign up now for MACNA 2020 online, with free events including Women in Reefing Happy Hour and Celebrity Reef Battle

New species of stingray described from the tropical South-Western Atlantic

We asked ichthyologist Flavia F Petean Ph.D. about Hypanus berthalutzae, and the women’s rights campaigner it’s named after. Was the species previously known or mistaken as something else (another already described species,) before you described it? It used to be the widely distributed species Hypanus americanus, which was thought to occur from New Jersey (USA) […]

Video: Watch how Parrotfish protect coral reefs

If there’s one cool thing to know about reef life, it’s how everything has its niche and everything is interconnected. Pristine coral reefs are perfectly balanced ecosystems where every organism contributes and every action is counterbalanced by a reaction. Remove one part of that three dimensional jigsaw and the reef goes out of balance, favouring […]

We discovered a new species, but war means it may now remain hidden forever

Alec Moore, Bangor University The world has a new species. My colleagues and I were hugely excited to announce it but, alas, this stingray – a distant cousin of sharks – can’t be claimed to be a particularly spectacular or awe-inspiring animal. It’s small – about the size of an outstretched hand – and, as […]