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Reef Factory TDS meter sends alerts by Wi-Fi

Reef Factory is a new marine tech enterprise producing smart devices for reef aquariums. Its product line-up includes LED lighting, dosing pump, heater control, level control, and others, with the main feature being that all are controlled via Wi-Fi on an app, and none have to be plugged into a main brain as they are […]

The TRANquil Reef life

To call Tran Phan ‘just’ a hobbyist doesn’t seem appropriate for an aquarist with an eye for mesmerizing photos.

AP9X has every good Kessil feature all rolled into one

The Kessil AP9X is a 185 watt Wi-Fi controllable LED light fixture suitable for SPS tanks up to 3×2’. That in itself doesn’t make it too different from any other high-end reef led light on the market, but its the combination of other features that will delight Kessil fans and also maybe convert potential buyers […]

Whale sharks have armor on their eyes

A research article in the scientific journal PLOS ONE found that Whale sharks have jagged, teeth-like scales on their eyes for extra protection when cruising through the oceans. Known as dermal denticles, Sharks have them all over their bodies to reduce drag (instead of normal fish scales,) but this was the first time that an […]

Waterbox launch Peninsula Mini aquariums

Prolific aquarium company Waterbox has added another model to their extensive range. Named the Peninsula Mini, it comes in 15 and 25-gallon sizes, and with or without an AI Prime lighting package. If it’s a popular size or style of marine aquarium, you can bet Waterbox will either have it or will launch it in […]

Women in Reefing Part 2: A Trail Blazer, A Love Story, A Content Creator, A Whisperer, A Writer

I had no idea that Part 1 of our Women in Reefing blog would become the most shared blog on this website. In a time of disheartening news, focusing on the good in the world, and on ladies that bring that good in their own way to everyday people has been a journey of self discovery for me.

Aquarium fish breeding worth $41.3 million

The University of Florida has revealed the annual value of tropical fish aquaculture in the US was over $40 million in 2018.  They are well placed for the study as Florida is both the biggest fish breeder and the biggest seller of ornamental fish in America, with sales of those farmed fish generating $28.7 million […]

Kamoer X1 PRO is their smallest WiFi dosing pump to date

As the name suggests the Kamoer X1 PRO WiFi dosing pump is an app-controlled single doser capable of administering your choice of liquid to your reef tank on demand. Its small size and small price point mean that you can now buy into auto dosing at an entry-level price but then daisy chain up to […]

Freshwater Fish Conservation Program Manager wanted for wildlife charity

Global Wildlife Conservation is recruiting for someone to develop, manage and lead SHOAL in the US, and work to help prevent freshwater fish extinctions. “We are very excited to share a new opportunity, the partnership announced on its website. “Based in the US, Global Wildlife Conservation is hiring a new Freshwater Fish Program Manager in […]

Nano-Tech Bio Plug is filter and frag plug in one

The award-winning manufacturer Maxspect continues on its path of uniqueness with the launch of the Nano-Tech Bio Plug. Made from the same porous material as Maxspect’s popular Bio-Blocks and Bio-Spheres, the new Nano-Tech frag plugs are quite different to standard ceramic plugs both in material and what they claim to do.  The porosity of the […]