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Global Worming

I was staring into the Thunderdome (the name my tank acquired after the gut-wrenching loss of 2) recently when I observed an orange tentacle-like creature emerging from the bottom crevices of the live rock. It looked like a monster R.L. Stine might dream up for his next horror novel. I watched transfixed as the creature […]

Corals and Crabs and Blennys … Oh, My!

In the beginning, the Marketing department setup an aquarium and a light. Marketing saw the illuminating power of the SunPod and it was good. It was all good. Alas, the waters were not calm in this supposed sea of tranquility. For Current USA divided the SunPond in two; they called the light day, and the […]

An Aquarius Becomes an Aquarist

For those who need my witty title explained, I was born late in the month of January. When I find myself daydreaming about fish, I like to think back to the good ‘ol days of owning a small, freshwater tank and having Goldfish or Betta. I loved the instant gratification of dumping “Goldie” into her […]

Brave New World

Powerhead. Live Rock. Filter Media. Up until a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have had a clue what these words mean. A Powerhead, to me, sounds like a boat engine: “Man, our 20-foot river boat is propelled by the new Powerhead 7000 and it really hauls butt!” Live Rock could be some creature from a […]