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Never Kill Coral Again: Curiosities From MACNA 2017

Smooth-On is a company that makes kits for the do-it-yourself sculptor. So why were they at MACNA? Using molds and colors, it is possible to make an entire reef complete with live rock replica and corals.

Catch the drip—before the disaster—with the new LDK Leak Detection Kit from Neptune Systems

When the LDK detects a leak, your Apex can sound an alarm, alert your mobile device, or take other actions on your tank. The LDK provides ultimate disaster prevention this all too common issue.

Aquacultured, Captive-Bred Bluestripe Pipefish Now Available From Quality Marine

Exciting news! Quality Marine now has aquacultured, captive-bred Bluestripe Pipefish. This means the fish will not be taken from the reef, but tank-raised and acclimated to aquarium conditions and commercial foods.

Hurricane Harvey: Updates on the Current Situation and How Shipping Is Affected

The Houston area continues to be impacted by catastrophic flooding in the aftermath of Harvey. Dangerous flooding will continue from Houston all the way into southwestern Louisiana for the rest of the week.

Build Your Perfect Reef Light with Aquatic Life’s New T5HO/LED Hybrid Light Fixture

Reef Builders broke the news this week about Aquatic Life’s new T5HO Hybrid. It officially made it’s public debut today in the Aquatic Life booth at the 2017 Marine Aquarium Conference of North America.

A Fever in Our Oceans: A Chat with Zack Rago of Chasing Coral

Read our wide-ranging interview with Zackery Rago of the hit NextFlix documentary Chasing Coral! We discuss climate change, activism, and how aquarists are a driving force for innovation.

Spotlight on a Collector’s Dream Fish: The Rare and Striking Zebra Tang

As commanding of price and status as the gorgeous Gem Tang, the Zebra Tang is found in the waters of Mauritius and also Madagascar, Reunion and the Comoro Islands.

Richard Branson’s New Project Involves Sinking a Ship for Ocean Conservation

The Kodiak Queen is one of only five World War II ships that survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It is now a sunken historical, art, and conservation treasure in the British Virgin Islands.