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How To Size a Return Pump

Water flow is critical for your reef’s health. A return pump moves water through the filter sump and back into the aquarium, creating constant water movement, but how do you size one for your tank?

Eshopps Prodigy is the world’s slimmest overflow box

Eshopps have pushed overflow design to the limit with the launch of the new Prodigy Slim. At just 8mm thick its about as slim as it’s possible for an overflow to be without removing a section of the backglass, while still being feature-packed and capable of handling lots of water flow.  Two sizes are available, […]

I’m Dreaming of a Red Sea Christmas—’Tis The Season To Upgrade Your Reefer Aquarium

The Reefer Series is a hugely popular line of aquariums from Red Sea. Although they come with just about everything you’ll need, we’ve got a few ideas of how you can modify your system to make maintenance even easier!

We Speak With Richard Durso, Creator Of The Durso Overflow, About How He Got Into Reefing and Giving Back To The Aquarium Hobby

Richard tells us how he came up with the overflow that now bears his name, the challenges of protecting a patent, and whether he’s tried Herbie or Bean Animal overflow designs.

NUVO EXT: Innovative Marine Grants Our Wish And Builds Reef-Ready Tanks With External Overflows So We Can Finally Use A Sump

Up till now, IM’s aquariums were predominantly AIO designs. But many of you want to use an external sump system. NUVO EXT aquariums are designed with an external overflow based on the reliable “Herbie safety drain” system.

You’ve NEVER Seen a Pump Like THIS! The Multi-Purpose Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K Can Seamlessly Replace 2 Of Your “Regular” Pumps

Up till now we had to use multiple water pumps or a collection of valves and hoses to create the water flow we wanted. All that has changed with the introduction of the Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K pump.

The COR Should Be On Your Short List For A Return Pump—Even If You Don’t Own An Apex

When we heard Neptune Systems was introducing two new water pumps our expectations were high. We hoped they would be something special—and indeed they are! Here’s what you need to know…

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 2: Sump Install + Which Rock Should We Use?

In Episode 1, we took a tour of the tank and presented two sump upgrades for you to choose from. Today we installed the sump YOU voted for. Stay tuned until the end so you can vote for the rock we’ll aquascape the tank with in Episode 3!