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Making Waves with Aqamai’s Tiny Wi-Fi Controllable KPS Pump

Today we are taking a look at the new Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Powerhead from the people over at Hydor who brought us the popular line of Koralia powerheads.

Measure Your Light and Protect Your Tank with Seneye Reef

The Seneye Reef is an aquarium monitoring system that uses patented technology to monitor your reef tank and can send you notifications in the event something goes wrong.

Two Litte Fishies Pouch Feeder: What YOU Need to Know

Feeding seaweed is a great way to accommodate the herbivorous fish in your aquarium such as Tangs and Angelfish.  The Two Little Fishies pouch feeder is an awesome little device that securely holds sheets of seaweed to promote natural grazing habits and keep the seaweed from breaking down in your tank and entering your filtration […]

Product Review: AquaMaxx WS-1 Protein Skimmer

Intro and Background Earlier this year, I started the search for the best skimmer for my all-in-one mixed reef tank.  I researched every possible skimmer that would fit in my footprint. I had a max footprint of 8″ x 4″ available to me. I originally wanted to order a JNS WS-1, but soon found out […]

Kamoer Slave Dosing Pump Product Review

Having used the Kamoer 4 Channel Dosing Pump unit for six months now, I’ve been eyeing the Slave module to go with it for quite some time. For the time being I had a Bubble Magus 3 Channel Dosing Pump used for dispensing amino acids to my tank. While Bubble Magus was doing its job, I […]

Product Review: Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow and Nano-Flow Propeller Pumps

Cobalt Aquatics are well-known for their “Original Maxi-Jet” pumps, now simply called “MJ” pumps. They are amazingly reliable and versatile pumps we’ve all come to love. New from Cobalt are the Neo-Flowand Nano-Flow propeller pumps. For water movement inside an aquarium, propeller-style pumps have proven themselves to be the best option available today. They provide […]

Product Review: Innovative Marine Ghost Protein Skimmer (FullSize), Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my Ghost Skimmer review. Miss the first two installments? Check out Part 1 and Part 2! I have been testing this skimmer for about a month now and I have a pretty good understanding of how everything works so let’s get to it! I tested the skimmer in a 10 gallon tank for a few weeks which you can […]

Product Review: Innovative Marine Ghost Protein Skimmer (FullSize), Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Ghost Skimmer review. Miss Part 1? Read it here.The skimmer has been running for over a week now in a controlled testing environment so here is my progress! I’m testing this new skimmer in a 10 gallon tank without any livestock for a controlled environment. This is a simple barebones aquarium with just the Innovative Marine Ghost […]

Product Review: Innovative Marine Ghost Protein Skimmer (FullSize), Part 1

Innovative Marine Ghost Protein Skimmer – FullSize rated up to 120 gallons (Item #: 0I10452) This skimmer is now available for pre-order, reserve yours today! Expected to be in stock 5/19!Features Recirculating Design – Passively recirculates bubbles for maximum dwell time Drop-In Convenience – Preset to optimal water level and eliminates the need for extra accessories. Enlarged Air Silencer […]

Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152 Product Review

Germans have been inventing and developing high-end, high-quality aquarium equipment for decades. Tunze is one of Germany’s leading aquarium product manufacturers, with 54 years of experience creating and producing aquarium solutions that are now standard in many hobbyists’ tanks. The first-rate design, dependability and reputation of Tunze are why I decided to outfit my aquarium […]