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Innovative Marine’s WaveLink and MightyJet Have Us PUMPED: Compact, Controllable, and Purpose-Built For Upgrading Your AIO Tank

Innovative Marine released four controllable pumps specifically designed to fit in your all-in-one nano reef aquarium. We’ve got photos, video, and speak to the company about their new WaveLink and MightyJet pump lines.

Musings on ReefStock’s Q&A Session With Vincent Chalias and Jake Adams: A Panel Discussion Featuring 9 Industry Professionals

We sent 6 questions the audience asked marine biologist Vincent Chalias and journalist Jake Adams at ReefStock 2018 to a group of aquarium industry professionals to get their opinions on a variety of topics.

The IceCap 1K Gyre Pump Is Here! Was It Worth The Wait? Is It Right For You? Let’s Discuss!

Full-sized reefers have been enjoying the benefits of gyre water flow for years. Now it’s your turn to enjoy all the benefits of a fully controllable linear flow pump that’s sized for 20 to 50 gallon aquariums.

Abyzz Pumps: Silky Smooth, Fully Controllable, And Performance-Built For Your Most Demanding Flow Requirements

No doubt you’ve seen high-performance dream cars where no expense was spared in their design. These machines were built with the finest materials with one goal: performance! That’s exactly how Abyzz pumps were created.

You’ve NEVER Seen a Pump Like THIS! The Multi-Purpose Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K Can Seamlessly Replace 2 Of Your “Regular” Pumps

Up till now we had to use multiple water pumps or a collection of valves and hoses to create the water flow we wanted. All that has changed with the introduction of the Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K pump.

The COR Should Be On Your Short List For A Return Pump—Even If You Don’t Own An Apex

When we heard Neptune Systems was introducing two new water pumps our expectations were high. We hoped they would be something special—and indeed they are! Here’s what you need to know…

The 7 Best Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

You’ve been good this year. Really good. We actually peeked at Santa’s “nice” list and saw your name printed in bold lettering across the top. In short, you deserve a really nice gift.

We Speak With Jay Sperandio and Justin Walsh About The Vectra S1, CoralLab Program, and What’s Next For EcoTech Marine

We catch up with Justin and Jay to talk about EcoTech’s smallest pump yet, the Vectra S1. They also introduce us to their CoralLab initiative and tease that they have new products coming out soon!

Roger Vitko Interview: Discussing Tunze’s History, The Golden Rule, Product Development, and Trends in the Aquarium Hobby

Roger on what separates Tunze from other brands: “If your name is on the box, that means something that most other companies don’t have. There is personal shame in failure and glory in success.”

AquaMaxx Magnus DC Water Pumps by Sunpole: Strong, Quiet and Reliable

AquaMaxx has a great new line of DC water pumps manufactured by Sunpole that run amazingly quiet, are very efficient and built to withstand the test of time inside a reef tank.