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Wrasse Species Spotlight – What to Know about Keeping Them

When it comes to adding color to your fish tank, Wrasses are an excellent option. In the wild they are considered a very diverse group of fish that can be found along shallow reefs as well as at significant depths. In this article, I will talk about some of the more common wrasse species found […]

How to Choose the Right Valve – Plumbing Basics, Part 3

Valves are an important component in aquarium filtration systems. They start, stop, and regulate the flow of water and prevent leaks in case of emergency or maintenance tasks. You’ll find valves used in refugiums, contactors, protein skimmers and on water pumps. Even canister filters use small shut-off valves on the quick-disconnect feature. If you’re building […]

PVC – Plumbing Basics, Part 1 – What you Should Know

Matching PVC pipe and fittings is not that difficult. You can use all the same size piping or mix and match to create your own custom water management system. But if this is all new to you, this article discusses the basics of PVC plumbing.

For Neptune Systems, SKY is The Limit.

At Marine Depot, we are privileged to share with you a new and exciting announcement from Neptune Systems. All of the controllability and wireless functionality that you have come to love from Neptune over the years will now be on full display within their brand new SKY Reef Aquarium LED Light Fixture. Neptune has been […]

How Ozonizers Work and How to Set one Up

Ozone, when used properly, is one of the best methods of improving water quality. An ozonizer is a piece of equipment which produces ozone that is capable of reducing or possibly eliminating unwanted algae, killing bacteria, algae spores and other harmful pathogens in your aquarium. The addition of ozone will raise an aquarium’s ORP (oxidation […]

Wet vs. Dry Skimming; a Foam Preference – Which is Better?

Reef aquarists may debate the topic but there is no disputing the science. Here is what the experts say is the most efficient way of removing organics with a protein skimmer.

Top Causes of Fish Death in the Aquarium

Few fish die of old age and many fish die shortly after they’ve been added to the tank. But why? In this article we discuss some of the top reasons fish die and what can be done to prevent it.

Common Nuisance Algae and How to Treat Them

Algae can enter your aquarium from introduced rocks, sand or frags, and when the conditions are right, algae will take advantage and become a nuisance, if left unchecked. Here are some of the most common nuisance algae we see in aquariums and methods to help prevent and treat them.

Salinity Meter: Calibration and How to Care for One

Salinity meters, whether hand-held or mounted inside the filter sump, are an easy way to measure salinity in your reef aquarium. Here’s what you need to know about a salinity probe and meter, their calibration and how to care for one.

4th Pillar of Reef Keeping – Chasing Coral Color & Growth

Welcome to Part 4 of this four-part series, Chasing Colors, Not Numbers, where we learn about the importance of proper filtration and its affect on your corals.