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Red Sea Reef Care Recipes: Q&A with Scott Kohler, SR. V.P. of Sales & Marketing

Red Sea’s Reef Care Program has been around for quite a while, but after listening to feedback from hobbyists, they have decided to update it with the Red Sea Reef Care Recipes

Measure Your Light and Protect Your Tank with Seneye Reef

The Seneye Reef is an aquarium monitoring system that uses patented technology to monitor your reef tank and can send you notifications in the event something goes wrong.

Hanna Alkalinity Checkers: What YOU Need To Know

Measuring alkalinity and maintaining it at the proper levels helps corals thrive. The Hanna Alkalinity Checker makes testing easy and provides an easy to understand digital readout.

Hanna Calcium Checker: What YOU Need To Know

If you are tired of hassling with liquid test kits and want a quick, easy, and accurate way to monitor your calcium levels, the Hanna Instruments Calcium Checker is your best option.

Hanna Phosphate Checkers: What YOU Need to Know

Hanna Phosphate and Phosphorous ULR Checkers offer fast, easy, and ultra-precise water testing if you’re having algae problems and want to get your phosphate level in check.

How to Test Calcium in Your Aquarium with a Hanna Calcium Checker

Calcium should be checked weekly at minimum, and every time you add or remove any organisms from your tank. The Hanna Calcium Checker generates an accurate digital readout in PPM.

8 Best Practices for Using Your Hanna Marine Checker

Testing the levels with your Checker may seem to be a cut-and-dry process, but there are a lot of small things that can happen during testing which negatively impact your results.

Red Sea Pro Aquarium Multi Test Kits: What YOU Need to Know

To keep a healthy and thriving aquarium, you MUST have good quality water. The Red Sea Multi-test kits are some of our favorite test kits for monitoring water parameters in a reef tank because they are accurate, easy to use and economical. The Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test kit includes individual tests for Calcium, Alkalinity […]

Aquarium Test Kits: Which Parameters You Should Test For (and Why) in Fish-Only and Reef Aquariums

Today we are going to share which water parameters you need to test for in a fish-only or reef aquarium, explain how these parameters effect fish and coral as well as provide tips on how to choose the right test kits for your tank. Some hobbyists claim they can tell how good or bad their […]

Elos Test Kits: Product Highlights

ELOS is an Italian aquarium product manufacturer that has brought us some really amazing products here in the US. For example, the Elos Mini and Midi aquariums raised the bar for style and functionality of contemporary Nano tanks. The Elos Osmocontroller Digital Top-off system has proven to be one of the most reliable top-off systems […]