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How to Safely Medicate Sick Fish By Testing Copper Levels With The Hanna Copper Colorimeter Checker – Marine Depot Chats with Experts #1

Thinking of setting up a quarantine tank? We quiz Kevin Costa of Hanna Instruments about the technology that went into building the Copper Checker and how you can use it to monitor your quarantine so you don’t overdose or under medicate fish.

Get Ready for Trident by Upgrading Your Apex Classic Controller to the New Apex Base Unit

By upgrading to the latest Apex Base Unit, you can take advantage of all of the new and exciting modules, upgrades and equipment that Neptune Systems is developing, like Trident!

ATI Essentials and ATI Elements: What YOU Need to Know

ATI makes it easy to maintain ideal water parameters using their 3-part supplement solution, ATI Essentials. For optimal results, combine with ATI’s DP-6 doser, ATI Lab water testing, and ATI Elements.

The 7 Best Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

You’ve been good this year. Really good. We actually peeked at Santa’s “nice” list and saw your name printed in bold lettering across the top. In short, you deserve a really nice gift.

5 Awesome (and Affordable!) Gifts for Reef Hobbyists

We’ve selected gifts that are economical and useful to anyone with a reef aquarium. If you’re already an aquarist and want to drop a gift hint, just pass this along as a helpful shopping guide!

Salifert Test Kits: What YOU Need to Know

There’s no better way to monitor water than testing it with a high quality and accurate test kit and Salifert has created the most extensive and popular line of saltwater and reef aquarium test kits available today.

Red Sea Reef Care Recipes: Q&A with Scott Kohler, SR. V.P. of Sales & Marketing

Red Sea’s Reef Care Program has been around for quite a while, but after listening to feedback from hobbyists, they have decided to update it with the Red Sea Reef Care Recipes

Measure Your Light and Protect Your Tank with Seneye Reef

The Seneye Reef is an aquarium monitoring system that uses patented technology to monitor your reef tank and can send you notifications in the event something goes wrong.

Hanna Alkalinity Checkers: What YOU Need To Know

Measuring alkalinity and maintaining it at the proper levels helps corals thrive. The Hanna Alkalinity Checker makes testing easy and provides an easy to understand digital readout.

Hanna Calcium Checker: What YOU Need To Know

If you are tired of hassling with liquid test kits and want a quick, easy, and accurate way to monitor your calcium levels, the Hanna Instruments Calcium Checker is your best option.