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How to Maintain Calcium and Alkalinity By R. Farnsworth, Reef Squad

Calcium is an essential building block for wild and captive reefs alike. Calcium combines with carbonates (alkalinity) and other elements in the water to create calcium carbonate. Stony corals synthesize calcium carbonate along with trace elements from the water in order to build rigid skeletons which ultimately end up creating a foundation for wild reefs. […]

How to Get Rid of Red Slime (Cyanobacteria) By Robert Farnsworth, Reef Squad

Have you ever seen the movie Ghostbusters?Do you remember Slimer, the ugly spud-shaped ghost that left a nasty slime trail everywhere it went?While funny in the film, having slime inside your aquarium is no laughing matter. It consumes nutrients in your water, blankets coral and creates an unsightly aquascape.Cyanobacteria is classified as a photosynthetic organism with […]

Testing … 1, 2 … Testing

This is a test of the marketing department’s new aquarium. This is only a test. A test which we—or, I guess the tank, as it were—failed (cue “wah-wah” soundbyte). I’ve never been terribly good when it comes to taking tests. And—although it may be mere coincidence—I have a sneaky suspicion it is because I never […]