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Valentine’s Day Special: Symbiotic Relationships Within Aquariums

Valentine’s day is reserved for the special someone in your life and to go along with this theme, we are featuring some of the most unique symbiotic relationships in the aquarium world. Having someone to rely on helps these livestock species survive and thrive in an aquarium environment. Within this piece we are going to […]

The Best Aquarium Test Kits: Our Top Picks

One of the first principles to learn when starting out in the aquarium hobby is the importance of frequent water testing. Keeping the numerous parameters in check was once a difficult task but, with all of the testing options now on the market, it has become easier than ever. Maintaining proper parameters are crucial to […]

CRF out-planted corals spawn in the wild

The Coral Restoration Foundation has reported that corals they planted 14 months ago have successfully spawned in the wild, in Florida. These are the youngest nursery-raised and out-planted staghorn corals they have witnessed spawning to date, as well as the youngest to reach sexual maturity.  The team was led by University of Miami Associate Scientist […]

Feed your Chaeto with ChaetoGro refugium fertilizer

Many reefkeepers report poor growth from their Chaetomorpha algae and blame it on the lighting, but its often down to nutrient deficiency instead. We’re not just talking nitrate and phosphate here as Chaeto grows in low levels of both in the Ocean. Chaeto needs other nutrients to grow as well, including Iron, Cobalt, and Molybdenum, […]

Maxspect Jump range expands with new MJ-L165 LED light

New products just keep on coming from the Maxspect stable, this time with the launch of the Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 LED lighting system. Like with their pumps and skimmers, Maxspect continue to take their own unique design direction and we’re liking the styling and features, yet lower price points, of the Jump range so far. […]

Reef A Palooza California 2020 postponed until next year

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, Reef A Palooza California has been cancelled in August this year. It will now be held next August 21 and 22, in 2021.  “We are all disappointed to inform you all that Reef A Palooza California 2020 is being postponed to August 21 & 22, 2021 due to the global uncertainties caused […]

Does your TDS Meter Measure Up?

In this blog we will dive deeper into understanding Total Dissolved Solids and Electrical Conductivity Measurements and the impact that these measurements can have on your RODI filters in your aquarium.

How to Lower Phosphates in a Reef Tank: Mastering Nutrient Control

Phosphate has always been a hot topic with reef keepers. It’s in our tap water. It’s in fish and invert food. Phosphate gets the blame for algae problems. Some say it even hurts corals. We’ll break it down and tell you everything you need to know about phosphate and how to control it in your aquarium.

The Best Nano Reef LED Lights Under $400

We picked our four favorite LED lights under $400 to give you a side-by-side look at what each of these popular fixtures can do to help you choose the perfect light for your nano reef aquarium.

How often should I change my T5 bulbs?

To keep corals happy, T5 bulbs need to be replaced regularly. This article from popular T5 bulb manufacturer ATI breaks down the factors that affect bulb life and explains when and how to replace them.