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How to Lower Phosphates in a Reef Tank: Mastering Nutrient Control

Phosphate has always been a hot topic with reef keepers. It’s in our tap water. It’s in fish and invert food. Phosphate gets the blame for algae problems. Some say it even hurts corals. We’ll break it down and tell you everything you need to know about phosphate and how to control it in your aquarium.

The Best Nano Reef LED Lights Under $400

We picked our four favorite LED lights under $400 to give you a side-by-side look at what each of these popular fixtures can do to help you choose the perfect light for your nano reef aquarium.

How often should I change my T5 bulbs?

To keep corals happy, T5 bulbs need to be replaced regularly. This article from popular T5 bulb manufacturer ATI breaks down the factors that affect bulb life and explains when and how to replace them.

Neptune Systems WXM Module for Wireless VorTech/Radion Control: What YOU Need to Know

Wirelessly connect and control your EcoTech Marine VorTech pumps and Radion lights using your Neptune Systems Apex controller. Adjust light and flow settings from anywhere in the world.

Aqua Illumination Hydra FiftyTwo HD LED Light: What YOU Need to Know

The Hydra FiftyTwo HD brings more power and color where you want it with the freedom to use your smartphone as a controller. Available in black or white with multiple mounting options.

Majano Wand Aiptasia and Majano Eliminator: What YOU Need to Know

Aiptasia and majano anemones multiply quickly and can take over an aquarium. The Majano Wand disintegrates these pests. Just touch the anemone with the tip of the wand and press the button.

Innovative Marine MiniMax Sump Media Reactor: What YOU Need to Know

The MiniMax Sump Reactor is designed to eliminate the clutter that is typical with most filter media reactors. The pump is included and flow is adjustable. Perfect for carbon, GFO, or biopllets!

JBJ ATO Automatic Top-Off System: What YOU Need to Know

The JBJ ATO Water Level Controller is a reliable auto top-off system that automatically replenishes water lost due to evaporation in your reef aquarium which helps you maintain a stable salinity level.

Cycle your aquarium faster with MicroBacter7

Brightwell Aquatics’ MicroBacter7 introduces beneficial bacteria that helps establish biological filtration in a new tank so it can complete the aquarium nitrogen cycle.

Sea Veggies: 100% Natural Seaweed to Feed the Hungry Herbivores in your Reef Aquarium

Perhaps the best all-natural food you can get is Julian Sprung’s Sea Veggies. Made of 100% natural seaweed, it is the food of choice for many aquarists.