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Sea Veggies: 100% Natural Seaweed to Feed the Hungry Herbivores in your Reef Aquarium

Perhaps the best all-natural food you can get is Julian Sprung’s Sea Veggies. Made of 100% natural seaweed, it is the food of choice for many aquarists.

5 Simple Steps to Making Your Own Saltwater

Today we’ll explore some time-tested techniques that make mixing saltwater for your marine or reef aquarium easier and more consistent each and every time.

Reef-Roids Coral Food: Big Nutrition for Teeny-Tiny Little Mouths

The particle size of Reef-Roids is ideal for filter feeding animals and SPS corals. Polyp Lab says 1 teaspoon of Reef-Roids is enough for a 100 gallon tank.

AquaMaxx Reef Welder: Build a Bonsai Tree, Glue Frags to Rock, or Repair a Cracked Skimmer

If you are tired of stinky epoxy sticks that make your skimmer go crazy or gluing your fingers together with coral glue, give AquaMaxx Reef Welder a try!

You Asked For It: Innovative Marine Releases Fusion Peninsula Aquariums with Filtration on the Side

  Hot on the heels of their NUVO Concept Series tanks, Innovative Marine is releasing two more envelope-pushing all-in-one aquarium designs. Born out of the demand of hobbyists requesting a long AIO tank with filtration on the side comes the Fusion Peninsula, available soon at Marine Depot in both 14 and 20 gallon sizes.     Of […]

5 Effective Ways to Control Algae in Reef Aquariums

We all struggle with algae problems in our reef tanks. Algae are an essential part of the aquarium’s food chain and ecosystem. It’s impossible to eliminate algae from our reef tanks but we can take steps to keep algae under control. The idea is to maintain the right natural balance so algae cannot take over […]

Innovative Marine’s new MicroMag is Tiny but Tough on Algae

  Tired of unsightly algae clouding the view into your aquarium? We hear you! Scraping the glass has become a daily routine for many aquarists. If you have to clean your glass once every other day, consider yourself lucky! What about the corners that never get properly cleaned because the larger magnet cleaner just can’t […]

Red Sea Max Aquariums: Which Tank is Right For You?

Red Sea Max aquariums are among the top searched tanks in our store. With many types of systems to choose from and quality above reproach, Red Sea has an aquarium for just about every aquarist. Are you a hobbyist that prefers the ease of an all-in-one (AIO) system? Or perhaps you prefer a sump for […]

The Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti May Be the Coolest ATO Reservoir You’ve Ever Seen

The Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti Reservoir is a next generation auto-top off reservoir and unlike anything we have ever seen. We were lucky enough to see one in action while it was still in development so we could understand just how it functions and differs from other auto top-off containers you may have seen on […]

Sync Aquarium Lighting and Flow with the Current USA Loop

The Current USA Loop is a complete system that allows you to network together LED lights, power heads, and other accessories and control them from a single interface.  The greatest benefit of this system is that it allows you to easily sync both lighting and water flow at an affordable price using a very user […]