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BIG NEWS: Our New Website is Live PLUS Free Shipping, No Minimum Our entire crew here at Marine Depot has been hard at work and today marks the day we officially launch the new site and we are inviting all of you to stop by and check it out. We are also very excited to announce our new FREE SHIPPING program; with no minimum!  That’s right […]

Maxspect Gyre 200 Series Water Circulation Pumps

MaxSpect has recently released the 2nd Generation of the Gyre pumps that offer some great new features. The original XF-130 and XF-150 are extremely popular due to their ability to produce a unique GYRE flow pattern. There are now three different sizes of Gyre pumps to choose from. The smallest XF-230s are rated for aquariums […]

Kessil A80 Nano Reef Aquarium LED Light: What YOU Need to Know

The new Kessil A80 is the Mighty Mouse of aquariums LED’s. It comes in a tiny little package but packs quite a punch! Being about the same size a hockey puck, the 15W Kessil A80 is great for Nano Reef Aquariums up to 14” x 14”, or fish-only and freshwater aquariums up to 24” x […]

Red Sea Pro Aquarium Multi Test Kits: What YOU Need to Know

To keep a healthy and thriving aquarium, you MUST have good quality water. The Red Sea Multi-test kits are some of our favorite test kits for monitoring water parameters in a reef tank because they are accurate, easy to use and economical. The Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test kit includes individual tests for Calcium, Alkalinity […]

Neptune Systems Headquarters: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

  Neptune Systems has been creating some of the most advanced and desirable aquarium products hobbyists like us love for years. Many of the world’s most beautiful aquariums rely greatly on the Apex and many of the useful gadgets and tools Neptune Systems offers. We recently had the pleasure of visiting Neptune Systems’ headquarters and […]

Use a Flow Accelerator to Increase Water Flow and Improve Circulation

Accel Aquatics Flow accelerators offer a great way to improve water circulation in your aquarium without adding extra pumps or power heads. They can be used in closed-loop applications or can simply be attached to your return water line. The best part about flow accelerators is that they increase flow, up to 400%, without any […]

Chemi-Pure Blue Filter Media: What YOU Need to Know

Chemi-Pure has long been the go-to product for hobbyists wanting to improve water quality. The Chemi-Pure Blue is the company’s top-of-the-line filtration media that out-performs just about anything else in the market. By combining high quality carbon with specialized ion-exchange resins, Chemi-Pure Blue helps to significantly reduce organics compounds and phosphates while stabilizing pH and […]

Portal Algae Magnet with Magnifying Lenses: What YOU Need to Know

This little device is a clever magnified viewing portal that allows you to view incredible details in your aquarium and cleans your aquarium walls! The 4” diameter magnifying lens magnetically mounts to the wall of your tank and the inside portion of the magnetically coupled device contains cleaning pads that will remove algae as you […]

Innovative Marine Concept Drop-Off Aquariums: What YOU Need to Know

Perhaps the most talked-about aquariums of 2016, these Innovative Marine Concept Abyss aquariums are like nothing else in the market. The unique drop-off design and the gorgeously-finished white pedestal really make them stand out. Available in peninsula or panorama styles, the IM Abyss aquariums are made of 8mm high-clarity acrylic and feature built-in filtration compartments […]

EcoTech Marine Vortech Battery Backup: What YOU Need to Know

Power failure is an aquarist’s worst nightmare. Aquariums are very sensitive ecosystems and without power to the equipment on your tank; a catastrophe can quicker than you think. Without water circulation, oxygen can deplete quickly and cause your tank inhabitants to suffocate. With the EcoTech Marine Battery back-up you can rest peacefully knowing that the […]