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Help Hobbyists Discover Your Local Fish Store By Creating a Google My Business Listing — It’s Free, Easy, And We’ll Show You How!

Start building visibility for your fish store or aquarium maintenance service on Google Maps and Google Search by creating a Google My Business Listing. It’s like the modern day version of the Yellow Pages, only better!

The Hidden Value of Offering Aquarium Installation and Maintenance Services At Your Local Fish Store

There is a large segment of customers who would gladly pay to have someone set up and maintain their aquarium. You’re probably thinking of typical service contracts like restaurants and offices. You’re right—but if that’s all that comes to mind, you’re missing another growing client base.

Own a Fish Store? Here Are 6 Ways to Make Your Aquarium Products Sell Themselves

There is a lot of competition in the aquatics trade. You must give it your A-game every day. In today’s short attention span world, products sitting on a display shelf are boring. How would you like it if they reached out to customers and sold themselves? Here’s how to do it!

Help Hobbyists Find Your Local Fish Store By Starting a Business Website (Yeah, We Said It)

The truth is, you really need a website in today’s competitive aquatics market. Before you know it, new customers will be walking through the door explaining how they found your store online and decided to stop by. New customers, delivered right to your door! We’ll give you some tips and tricks to help you get started. It’s easier than you think!

4 Easy Ways To Win and Keep Customers Coming Back To Your Fish Store Using Product Merchandising

Professional merchandisers use art and science to come up with elaborate merchandising schemes based on colors, textures and customer physiological profiles. Fortunately for aquarium shops it’s not that complicated. We’ll take the mystery out of merchandising and make it easy for you to have a store that attracts customers and make your sales goals.