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Drew's Lagoon - Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 25 Gallon Lagoon

I am just another dedicated reefer obsessed with corals and learning more about our oceans. 26 years of age and I have been in the hobby for 7 years. Using social media to share my experience and learning each and every day about this amazing hobby that has turned into a lifestyle.

Fadi's 180 Gallon Masterpiece - Angelfish and Acros

My Name is Fadi Abu Tahoun. I am from Jordan and currently live in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. Keeping a reef here in this part of world is not an easy task. I bought most of my equipment from Marine Depot, and shipped them to Saudi Arabia. For livestock, I had to travel and drive more than a thousand miles to nearby countries like Bahrain and Dubai to get coral frags and fish.

Liam's (aka Lovatt) Red Sea Max S-650 Mixed Reef Aquarium - A NEW Featured Tank from the UK!

Liam has been reefing for over 20 years and his 175 gallon system is simply magnificent! Liam's father was a professional diver whom Liam credits as the inspiration for his passion for coral reefs. Liam's Max S-650 is actually his third Red Sea aquarium system because he keeps going BIGGER! His display is packed with beautiful SPS and LPS corals, some zoanthids and a bubble-tip anemone. He keeps an assortment of colorful fish including a 14-year-old Mocha Clownfish.

Garry’s 280 Gallon Reef is PACKED with Gorgeous SPS Corals! 

Garry started out keeping freshwater tanks more than 20 years ago. After a long break from the hobby Garry returned with this custom built 280-gallon reef which happens to be his first and only reef tank.

Mike’s 120 Gallon Custom Mixed Reef Tank (February 2017)

I set up my first saltwater tank in the early 1980's but after a few years the demand of time from my family made it necessary to take down my tank. Some 18 years later I got back into the hobby, starting with a JBJ 28 gallon nano tank. I then graduated to a 50 gallon cube and finally the 120 gallon tank featured in this video.

Felicia's 40 Gallon Mixed Reef Predator Tank (March 2016)

I’ve been involved in the aquarium hobby ever since my dad helped me set-up my first freshwater tank when I was four years old. I’ve had freshwater aquariums all my life, but being an avid scuba diver, I’d always wanted a saltwater tank to have my own piece of the ocean in my home.

Cody's 150 Gallon Zoa Garden (July 2015)

Cody is a passionate aquarist with more than 10 years’ experience caring for saltwater tanks. He is an avid coral collector with many rare and colorful specimens in his tank. He does not compromise on equipment and his plumbing is super clean and well thought-out. Check out Cody’s 150 gallon masterpiece and get a complete list of all his equipment and livestock in this Featured Tank profile.

CAD Lights Artisan 70 Gallon Reef Tank (July 2015)

The Marine Depot Customer Service team is a group of hands-on dedicated hobbyists who are just as passionate about aquariums as the customers we serve. Learning and experimenting with aquarium equipment and technology is a huge part of the MD culture and what better way to promote this then to have a beautiful reef tank right here in the office for everyone to share.

Matt's Fully Loaded 300 Gallon Mixed Reef (March 2015)

I started reefing 6 years ago after snorkeling in Hawaii. I wanted to have a small piece of that underwater beauty in my home. After coming home from work each day, my tank provides much needed relaxation and tranquility. Gazing at my tank reminds me of the vastness and beauty of nature. However, this beauty comes with great responsibility to nurture and treasure the creatures bestowed under my care.

Adnan's SPS Dominate 150 Gallon Reef Aquarium (Feb 2015)

More than 90% of my tank is built by ordering online from stores in the United States, primarily MarineDepot.com. Most of the corals are wild collected from the Red Sea by my friend, I have travelled to neighboring countries like United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait to buy corals… even driving thousands of miles! It's not an easy hobby in this part of the world, but it has become a part of life now. I have still managed to attend 3 MACNA events so far and am looking forward for the next MACNA conference in Washington, D.C.

Metrokat's 34-Gallon Red Sea Max Nano Reef (March 2013)

I'm a high-heeled reefer that is addicted to everything salty. I kept fresh water tanks sporadically over the years while secretly always wanting a saltwater setup. A close friend asked for my help in selecting a tank 3 years ago. We saw the BioCube at Petsmart and basically the reef bug hit us both. I helped him set up that tank, I’m an avid researcher and did everything.

Shaun's 34-Gallon SPS and Clam Solana (Jan 2013)

I began keeping marine aquariums in 1983 when I was just 10 years old. I kept my first SPS coral, pocillopora damicornis , in 1988. I have always loved SPS corals and clams! I was the original importer of the Oregon Blue Tort coral back in 1997. Between 1997 and 2005, I owned a saltwater reef store called Waves Marine Aquaria and a website, Ecorals.

Brad's Wrasse and Angel Reef (May 2012)

I am a 52-year-old father and husband. I have an understanding wife, Vickie, and two gorgeous daughters, Natalie and Megan. I am self taught in the saltwater aquarium hobby and, after nine years, think I may no longer be a beginner. I have been an active member of my local aquarium club, Wastch Marine Aquarium Society (WMAS), for eight years.

Garret's Acropolis (July 2011)

I am 35, married and have a 10-year-old daughter who plays the piano. I've always been fascinated by living creatures. It started as a child with a single goldfish, worked its way to reptiles, amphibians, tropical fish and planted aquariums. My parents were extremely supportive. As long as I took care of everything, they were accepting of all my pets.

Mathdoc's Reef Sanctuary (February 2011)

I am a pediatrician and a math teacher and have loved and kept both salt and fresh water fish for over 20 years. I have a Koi pond at home and a 180-gallon reef tank in my pediatric office. In general, children are very afraid of doctors and shots. The tank calms them down and helps so much.

Leo's 150 Through and Through (August 2010)

I stumbled upon this hobby accidentally and it has been rewarding beyond measure. I'm thankful to learn about reefs in general and have also taken up photography as a result. Living in Southern California is truly a blessing for someone who loves this hobby. I'm a huge advocate of coral farming.